The ebola controversy: Outbreak likely originated with a single animal-to-human transmission – Erica Check Hayden

October 30, 2014


Could Ebola Have Escaped From US Bio-warfare Labs? – American law professor Francis A. Boyle

Here are two papers offering another view in the controversy surrounding whether ebola is man-made bio-warfare or whether it did indeed originate from animal to man transmission.

Thanks to Professor A.G. Falade of Nigeria’s University [of Ibadan] College Hospital for forwarding this to me so that blog visitors can get another angle to Professor Boyle’s paper of the EVD having “escaped from US lab bio-warfare”. Professor Falade is one of this blog’s most active visitors and shares the views expressed in the following.

“Dear auntie,

I can quickly spot some illogicalities in the account credited to prof. Boyle.

Professor Christian Happi, a friend, who is one of the authors of the publication attached, had explained during two interviews conducted by Mr. Edmond Obilo of Flash FM 105.5 at Ibadan, the possible origin of the present EVD pandemic in West Africa. This is the reason why I’m baffled that many people spread this malicious rumour. MY MAIN CONCERN IS FOR THEIR SAKES. IN THE EYES OF THE LAWS OF NATURE, SPREADING FALSEHOOD IS MURDER. On a mundane level, this rumour may retard efforts at controlling the pandemic, and Africans would be the worst for it.

A. G. Falade”


Ebola virus mutating rapidly as it spreads Nature News & Comment

Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014. 8:40 p.m. [GMT]

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