Online Sahara Reporters’ Opinion Poll confirms informal findings for 2011 election cycle – Tola Adenle

November 13, 2014


Even as I have lost hopes in Nigeria’s politicians of all alphabets: AD, APC, APGA, SDP, PDP … , a very few politicians are still out there although they can be counted on the fingers of one hand that I know who do have the interests of the Nigerian masses at heart.

Of those very few, retired General Buhari, about whom I publicly made my admiration and belief known four years ago, stands heads and shoulders above others. THAT – if truth be told about the unarmed robbers who populate Nigeria’s political environment, is a man who is miles taller than the all the rest.

The findings of a recent poll commissioned by is credible as it reflects the feelings of perhaps most Nigerians, unlike such polls carried out by NOI-NGO (Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala-NGO) Polls for the last presidential elections.

While millions of Nigerians have bad memories of Buhari’s stern leadership of the country, most would, in any sampling, choose the retired General as the most honest, the most selfless and the one who can actually put an end to most of the corruption in the country of the line-up for the 2015 elections.

The results of the opinion polls by SR is heartening.

Here are some past thoughts on “opinion polls” and Buhari’s presidential candidature in Nigeria’s politics from before the 2011 elections:

Nduka Obaigbena calls for probe of his wealth by ICPC


Submitted by tola adenle on March 25, 2011 – 12:44, Sahara Reporters

This is a joke! This man wants the ICPC to probe his wealth? What would be the government agency’s ground for this? Only in Nigeria. Obaigb. knows it that this cannot and would not be done as the brief of the agency does not include private businessmen and women – genuine and fake – whose sources of wealth bother others.

Every citizen has a right to make money whichever way but attempting to impose Obaigb.’s kind of “poll” – like the questionable and NOT-credible NOI (Ngozi Iweala) “polls” (partnered with Gallup) of some months ago that also “found” Dr. Jonathan with incredible support – is beyond dangerous. NOI told us that its “poll” found 3% of Nigerians think Buhari is corrupt; 4% think same of Jonathan … 17% think Babangida is corrupt, etcetera. And on “man of integrity”, here are NOI’s baffling “findings”: Babangida 1%; Saraki 3%; Buhari 5% … Jonathan 16%. Worse, NOI found an incredible 74% of Nigerians believing the elections will be free and fair.

I described the findings of the NGO-polling organization founded by Dr. Iweala back then in November as “a cruel joke, an agenda-setting poll” …

And talking of “polls”, I’ve been conducting a low-tech unscientific poll since January … I’ve talked to 76 people, all from the Yoruba Southwest, supposed home to people who do not want Buhari. Previously, I spoke to only well-educated youth, all Christians – see below. This morning, I took my campaign to a motor park, a known place where mostly Moslem young men work.

“Mommy, Buhari nikan ni ko ni foreign account tabi godfather …” [Buhari is the only presidential candidate without a foreign bank account or a godfather.] …

On the second day of the birth of my old blog,, I wondered aloud in The politics of opinion polls in Nigeria’s elections as regards the new round of foreign loans under President Jonathan and being spearheaded by Dr. Iweala:

Could Nigeria remain The Bank’s [The World Bank] client, for example, if she elects Buhari?

Of course the answer to the above back then would be “no”, a situation that has now become a run-away train as Dr. Iweala has swallowed her earlier lofty words of how generations yet unborn would be grateful for Nigeria leaving debtors’ club, and gone for gold in dragging Nigeria back to debt-dom.

Unfortunately, exciting and promising as the findings may be, I do not see the retired General beating the president in the coming polls because that would only happen when incumbency no longer carries the near assurance of victory. Nigeria had barely entered 2014 as the first salvo of the kinds of polls to be expected was fired by NOI-NGO when a poll on electricity supply was announced. Here is from an essay I wrote back then:

“Furthermore, the results revealed that 40% of Nigerians experienced slight improvements in power supply to their households over the past one month.” NOI POLLS

Jonathan Job Approval (February 2014)
Approval» 51% -10
Disapproval» 27%

Power Supply (February 2014)
Improved» 40% -4
Not Improved» 36%

Forty percent “improved power supply” in Nigeria? Show me a fence to dance upon and I’ll show you a figure of “improved power supply” to households standing at under 1%. I know NOBODY whose power supply has improved in February or in the last several years although I know people whose areas have had no power since January 2013. Me? I do not live at Ekotedo [Ibadan] or any other areas government is unaware people live in but even when I’m at my base continuously for three months, I do not use up N10,000 [around $60.00] pre-paid card but like many in my situation, I spend thousands and thousands on diesel and additional thousands on petrol to fuel different power generating sets.

In Nigeria, contestants have often been able to pull of victories despite rejection by the electorate, i.e. it is a country that has made the electorate and/or their wishes irrelevant. At the worst, “victorious” candidates would be spirited to Abuja for governorship candidates and announcements would be made there; it happened in my state, Ondo in 2007.

All the same, I plan to vote for General Buhari if the election does hold because “He’s the only one that can stare the corruption monster and slay it”, as I once wrote of him.


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2014. 1:06 p.m. [GMT]

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