“… people at the corridors of power hate Buhari … because they fear that some of them will end up in jail for corruption …” – Igbokwe, APC [Lagos] Publicity Secretary

November 17, 2014


I find it difficult to believe why the other equally good candidates in APC cannot step down for GMB [retired General Muhammadu Buhari] given his antecedents, track records, history and character. No other former Head of State in Nigeria can be said to possess the discipline, honesty and integrity of General Buhari, all things considered. As a war time General, a former minister, a former Head of State, former chairman PTF and a fourth time contender in the race since 2003, I think that the man deserves all the support from all Nigerians to make it this time. Despite his dictatorial tendencies when he was the Military head of state, Buhari restored discipline and probity in Nigeria. His War Against Indiscipline (WAI) paid off handsomely and Nigeria is still reaping the fruits today. His intervention at PTF paid off too. His fight against corruption stood him out.

If today, the people at the corridors of power hate GMB, it is not because he is a bad man but the fear that some of them will end up in jail for corruption and impunity. They know that if GMB becomes the President, things may never be the same again and many of them will enter the next available flight to anywhere outside Nigeria. They know that oil subsidy looters will not go scot free. They know that GMB knows all of them. They know money does not mean anything to GMB and therefore he cannot be bribed.

Nigeria needs a tested and trusted Buhari now and this is the reason why I am pleading with all other APC presidential aspirants to step down for GMB. He is the most prepared for this office at a time like this. The little we saw of him in the 80s tells us that his wisdom, courage, discipline, strong character, fearlessness etc is what we need now to drive the new Nigeria of our dream. We must seize the moment. We must grab it with both hands or history will leave us behind.


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014. 8:40 a.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on ““… people at the corridors of power hate Buhari … because they fear that some of them will end up in jail for corruption …” – Igbokwe, APC [Lagos] Publicity Secretary”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    You have valid points Ma.
    However, I can not stop thinking Buhari will end up like Obasanjo wanting to make it Life Position. This time Buhari likely to be smarter starting the campaign for 3 terms from his first term.

    I can see why many would think only Buhari could do it but I don’t see it given the totality of the history of the man. He may be better than most of our politicians but still…

    We have seen this done in developed world, Obama’s first presidential campaign Vs. McCain came to mind.

    If against GEJ, then of course the GMB has a better chance, otherwise it will be very tough, in my opinion.

    Kind regards,



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Fola,

      Thanks for this.

      Now, I cannot say your conjecture is wrong because we can never tell what is in the heart of a man or woman.

      The point remains, though, that unless the rigmarole going on in the APC is quickly resolved, Jonathan’s path to another term is assured. And even if resolved, there is only a sliver of hope because as I wrote earlier, beating an incumbent in Nigeria, esp. for such a prize is perhaps more difficult than an uphill task. It is the reason that made me write about the road to a one-party state in Nigeria being almost certain as things now stand.


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  2. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Uhmn, but Buhari can still be a very useful tool to prosecute corrupt Nigerians, does he have to be the president to do all that is good for his country?
    At 71, it is just too much of a risk in my opinion to have him as the president. He can still be in the background of the APC and use his vast knowledge to benefit us all.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Thanks, Fola.

      I do not see much risk in a 71-year old running for the presidency and secondly, the winner-takes-all presidential system Nigeria runs is giving a 16-year old newly-minted driver a speed machine of a car to drive. Nigerian politicians who’ve gotten into power have never shown the maturity to handle such a system which is why Buhari cannot be anything but president to effect a change in the very corrupt system on our hands at every level of governance.

      There are laws in the books to handle corrupt individuals but they’ve all shown – to quote the late Lawyer Aturu, a fiercely-courageous fighter for the masses and for probity – “they’ve all had their hands soiled …” and can therefore not enforce any law.

      Joe is right: only Buhari – as far as most Nigerians know – can slay the corruption monster and restore Nigeria’s health and dignity.

      This is what is leading to Nigerians NOT taking any political party seriously. Politicians hop around, making temporary stops where they can line their pockets the most before joining new alliances.




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