Notes on Nigeria’s 2015 elections: “Buhari has no foreign account, no godfather”! – a Nigerian taxi driver

November 19, 2014



In Nigeria, “foreign accounts” and “godfather” are code words for corruption. The “godfather” puts down the huge amounts that run in millions in local currency but is quite substantial. Huge RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS come later for men – yeah, mostly – of a group I dubbed “Nigeria, Inc.” back in 2003 when one of such lamented aloud to then PDP chairman to stop how another competing “godfather” was depriving him of returns on “our investments” in Nigeria’s Oyo State. “Foreign accounts” are where the proceeds of corruption in Nigeria end up.

A private mail worth sharing on Nigeria’s House of Rep Speaker, Tambuwal, announcing he would not run for Nigeria’s presidency in the 2015 election which he had announced previously.

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for this. I read it last night and felt heartened that the cards were falling in the right place one by one after Joe’s [Joe Igbokwe] essay. Reference at letter’s end.

One really hopes true patriotism and real “progressive” leaning will point the obvious choice to a party whose candidature an interested citizen needed to take a loan to collect candidacy form, a madness started by the PDP in 1999! It was then a “mere” N5m or so at which such people like me with a pulpit to inform the public wondered aloud about such madness.

How would good candidates ever come up for elective posts except via sponsors who would then subsequently control elected officials at local, state and “federal” levels? What kind of leadership would former Customs boss former VP (vice president to Obasanjo) Atiku give but more AND WORSE of the same?

Any Nigerian should be able to aspire to any political position in the land, incl. the highest but that will remain a pipe dream as long as the big obstacle of a few with tons of cash – rarely legitimately acquired in Nigeria – or those with sponsors are the ones who can sail thru to political offices. The road to the one-party state – which I earlier wrote about – and Nigeria’s free fall to HAITI-hood, pardon me, is not far down the road if Nigerians allow this chance to pass.

As a taxi driver I referred to in one of the earliest essays on my old blog said [in 2011], I will cast my vote for any Nigerian in an election to run for Nigeria’s presidency WHO HAS NO FOREIGN ACCOUNT. “Mommy, Buhari has no foreign account, no godfather!”

And the ringing, deserved, exasperated condemnation of our country – AND US – by late Nelson Mandela should be on huge billboards across Nigeria; may be it will wake us up from our somnambulism. I copied it from in December last year and used a bit of it in an SR short comment this week:

Mandela message to Nigeria during OBJ presidency – Part 1

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 12, 2013 – 19:04.

“You know I am not very happy with Nigeria. I have made that very clear on many occasions. Yes, Nigeria stood by us more than any nation, but you let yourselves down, and Africa and the black race very badly. Your leaders have no respect for their people. They believe that their personal interests are the interests of the people. They take people’s resources and turn it into personal wealth. There is a level of poverty in Nigeria that should be unacceptable. I cannot understand why Nigerians are not more angry than they are.”

Mandela message to Nigeria during OBJ presidency
– Part 2
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 12, 2013 – 19:07.
“What do young Nigerians think about your leaders and their country and Africa? Do you teach them history? Do you have lessons on how your past leaders stood by us and gave us large amounts of money? You know I hear from Angolans and Mozambicans and Zimbabweans how your people opened their hearts and their homes to them. I was in prison then, but we know how your leaders punished western companies who supported Apartheid.

“What about the corruption and the crimes? Your elections are like wars. Now we hear that you cannot be president in Nigeria unless you are Muslim or Christian. Some people tell me your country may break up. Please don’t let it happen.”

Mandela message to Nigeria during OBJ presidency
– Part 3
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 12, 2013 – 19:10.
“Let me tell you what I think you need to do. You should encourage leaders to emerge who will not confuse public office with sources of making personal wealth. Corrupt people do not make good leaders. Then you have to spend a lot of your resources for education. Educate children of the poor, so that they can get out of poverty. Poverty does not breed confidence. Only confident people can bring changes. Poor, uneducated people can also bring change, but it will be hijacked by the educated and the wealthy…give young Nigerians good education. Teach them the value of hard work and sacrifice, and discourage them from crimes which are destroying your image as a good people.”

(Excerpts taken from a 2007 interview with Mandela conducted by Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed)

“Obj”: Nigerians love initials, and this is retired General Obasanjo’s; personally, he was rGO in my write-ups to never let any one forget he was a NIGERIAN army general before becoming, as far as he believed, a “democrat”! – TOLA.

My thanks, Dear Doctor.

PS. I will share this on my blog despite my running away these days from too much Nigerian issues on the new blog. Any of us with a forum to disseminate ideas, info … owes it to all Nigerians. With the coming elections so critical, I will use political write-ups of a type that will serve as call-to-arms – metaphorically, of course, that I find share-able. TOLA.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2014. 8:16 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Notes on Nigeria’s 2015 elections: “Buhari has no foreign account, no godfather”! – a Nigerian taxi driver”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Mrs Adenle,

    I can not thank you enough for this post!

    I have always wondered what were the thoughts of Nelson Mandela on Nigeria situation and I am not disappointed reading this though not verified but really what I would have expected from the man.

    Kindest regards,



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Fola,

      Thanks for this.

      No, what is “not verified” is not the authenticity of Mandela’s exasperation with Nigeria but the blogger who posted excerpts of Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed’s interview with Madiba.

      Sahara Reporters used to employ ‘not verified’ for names or “Anonymous” because bloggers used all sorts of fictitious names for the Open Forum format it employs. With the very few exceptions of names Mr. Sowore knew to be real, bloggers got “not verified”. Serious contributors like Sonala Olumhense, Okey Ndibe, Rudolf Okonkwo … wrote their essays under their own by-lines while a few bloggers who merely comment on submitted essays did not get slapped with “not verified”. All comments I submitted to SR always bore my name. SR now employs a different format.

      THOSE WERE ACTUAL WORDS SPOKEN by the late respected and loved African leader and world statesman, Mandela.




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