Comments Worth Sharing: Race in America, the Eric Garner murder, Einstein on the American Problem, et cetera

December 6, 2014

Africa, USA

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Adegoke FALADE Says:

December 6, 2014 at 2:30 am e

Great Albert Einstein. This is the first time I came across this powerful and sobering writing from the most intelligent man in the 20th century, and also in the 21st century. There is another great attribute of Einstein that is not known to many : intuitiveness!

The choke-hold of defenceless Eric Garner and his appeal for release with the words – I can’t breathe – literally made me feel choked. In the past almost four decades as a practicing doctor, I have seen patients, and more especially children, panting for breaths, but never had I felt so disturbed as I experienced this broad daylight MURDER in the New York City of 21st century America!

Somebody should do a critical analysis of the frequency of willful murder of African-Americans now, compared with about 10 years ago. May be a pattern will emerge.

But, above all, we’re in the End of Time, and cycles are closing fast!

emotanglobal Says:

December 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm e

Dear Prof.,

Thanks for this.

First, like you, I had never read or heard of this deep insight by the genius.

The enmity and deep-ingrained hate – even of a few – that the American Whites harbor against the African-American population which never really went away with winning civil rights because the VOTE of Blacks – and FEAR – of Whites finally boiled over when Obama won the presidency in spectacular fashion. Closet white extremists of Ku Klux Klan (White hate group) merely started fearing BLACK TAKE OVER OF AMERICA.

To understand this a bit, the African-American population – and the effort to suppress the Black votes must be understood as I see these as giving rise to the regression to the era of Whites killing Blacks, especially the males, in recent times.

On August 22, 2004 – over ten years ago when Barrack Obama was running for the U.S. SENATE – I presented an essay to readers of my weekly essays in [Nigeria’s] The Comet on Sunday from which the following may be of relevance here:

[In 1860, there were 31.4 million Americans of which 4.4 million (14%) were African-Americans. Forty years later, there were 9 million out of 76 million Americans. This means the African-American population about doubled. Twenty years later in 1920, there were 105 million Americans of which 10.5 million or 10% were African Americans: the African-American population that grew from 4.4 to 9 million the previous 40 years grew by a measly 1.5 million in twenty years!]

The whole essay can be checked it out here as I posted it on my earlier blog,, in January 2012:

The whole world need to go at this matter the way America would go at it if the same problem has persisted in other parts of the world.

(Professor Adegoke is a professor of paediatrics at Nigeria’s premier University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan.)

Regards, as always.

emotanglobal Says:

December 6, 2014 at 12:23 pm e


Einstein’s empathy remains green, and as a Jew, it is without doubt lacking in hypocrisy.

Africans ran into the path of Caucasian Other-Value-Destroying Violence only in the 15th Century and Jewry has taken more than a Millenium of bestiality and degradation from the Western European and North American (WENA) Caucasian.

Einstein however misses two points: the first is that Jewish suffering has, and remains cushioned, softened, and soothed by the Jews’ ability to . “… disappear” into the pink called white( the color of light, of everything supposedly good) – mass-assumed physical peculiarities, notwithstanding. This capacity for disappearance has helped and facilitated benefitting participation in the Caucasian world in a way it has not been possible for the brown cast as black (the color of darkness, of everything evil).

A recent placard in Missouri, USA, agonised “MY COLOR IS NOT A CRIME”, but it is, and as Einstein implied, this “crime” of being different, being considered inferior and GAME, to all, has become everywhere but especially in the USA, A TRADITION, A BELIEF and a FAITH.

The second point that Einstein also misses is the fact that Jewry has, and continues to weaken – even neutralising the TRADITION with its excellence in every human field in a way the African is still achieve, even in the USA amidst excellent opportunities.

Fifteen percent of the population of the USA – the African-Americans – cannot/do not command 2% of the national wealth of the USA. It cannot do this because it had chosen, or not been able to excel like the Jews in the acquisition of education and skills which ensure and enhance human civilisation. Unfortunately this applies to the African out of the USA, from its oldest Republic, Haiti, to the newest in South Sudan.

What all Africans, wherever they may be need to understand, is that the world is a BATTLEGROUND as in the Yoruba world-view in its benign form, the perfectly competitive FREE MARKET and COMPETITIVENESS.

That, in my opinion IS the answer.

O. Tao.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2014. 12:33 p.m. [GMT]

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