A lead writer says: “you can’t run away from your past” to Obasanjo’s party card-tearing theatrics – Abimbola Adelakun/[nigeria’s Punch]

February 19, 2015


“Where are you running away to?  Come Back here and watch me issue you a red card!”.

In this you-must-return-and-wait-for-your-red-card-to-be-issued-because-you-are-the-architect-the-engineer-and-the-contractor-of-what-has-befallen-Nigeria, Abimbola Adelakun’s no-holds-barred essay tells retired General Obasanjo his ruling party card might have been torn but he remains accused of the mess in which Nigeria has found itself. 

Things may “no longer be at ease now, but to most Nigerians, these two men are [sort of] two peas in a pod:  All photographs: Google Images

jonathan and obasanjo

Dressed in one of those ridiculous PDP aṣọ ẹbi


godSon and Original godFather


You must never forget who put you there!

No make-beliefs in The Punch essay as in Blogger’s above-illustrated comments!

WHAT OBASANJO REALLY TORE UP /The Punch – Abimbola Adelakun

Obasanjo card-tearing act is not the beginning of the story –and, perhaps, not a climax of it– although it is one of the most dramatic moments of the melodrama that has been playing between the political actors in the PDP for some time now.

Like Achebe’s great uncle, one cannot get rid of one’s association to one’s history and antecedents without having to face the question of identity.

One thing to never forget is this: Obasanjo is the PDP and the PDP is Obasanjo; neither is indistinguishable from the other. … The history of the woes of Nigeria cannot be narrated without a significant portion attributed to the PDP and the roles the men that make up its cabals have played in superintending the denigration of the Nigerian essence.



THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2015. 7:07 p.m.[ GMT]

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2 Comments on “A lead writer says: “you can’t run away from your past” to Obasanjo’s party card-tearing theatrics – Abimbola Adelakun/[nigeria’s Punch]”

  1. Adegoke FALADE Says:

    …”the instance of Jesus’ crucifixion and how the temple cloth was torn from top to bottom. In both instances, the tearing was the harbinger of a new order.”
    Wrong interpretation!
    OBJ should be encouraged for being outspoken, even though tearing of the card ”appears” uncivilized to me. However, all behaviours are caused.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for this take.

      I agree that rGO may have a point but Nigeria’s problems arose out of his quest to play God: he single-ha deadly picked and rigged late Yar Adua; picked Jonathan …

      Publicly destroying the card of a party on whose ticket you not only ruled a country for 8 years but which made you into one of the country’s richest individuals – he made PDP governors “donate” N50m each to a personal library that includes a commercial hotel, one of a host of very questionable not-justifiable ways to wealth – SHOULDN’T be his route to cutting the link that will forever bind him to a group I publicly described as NIGERIA, INC back in 04 during his second term.




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