Buhari throws a gauntlet as he declares assets on Facebook: “I have no foreign bank account” – Tola Adenle

April 24, 2015


“I have at least one million Naira in my bank, having paid N5.5 million to pick my form from my party. I have around 150 cattle because I am never comfortable without cows. I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, and Daura which I borrowed money to build. I never had a foreign account since I finished my courses in the USA, India and the UK. I never owned any property outside Nigeria. Never.”

And the voices of the real masses who saw beyond what most saw in the past:

“… Since January 24, I’ve conducted a non-scientific poll of 48 Christians, all Yorubas from the same Southwest.  Only 2 are against Buhari while an incredible 46 said they’ll vote for the taciturn retired General …”  [234NEXT Submitted by tola adenle on March 22, 2011 – 18:34.]


“… I went in the company of a FOR HIRE taxi driver as my guide. Of the six young men – 20s to about 30s – all are Moslems and one articulated their thoughts best: “Mommy, Buhari nikan ni ko ni foreign account …” [Buhari is the only presidential candidate without a foreign bank account …] They are all agreed that they would vote legislative and gubernatorial elections to “send PDP packing” in other parties but will vote “BB” – as most have now dubbed Buhari/Bakare ticket in the presidential election.

March 31, 2011:



To my blog’s visitors from around the world, “foreign bank accounts” in Nigeria connotes, for the most part, the evil of corruption cesspool.  They are where looted funds are stashed by former presidents, governors, politicians, top civil servants …

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015. 7:41 a.m. [GMT]

Nigerians have necessarily become cynical and do not trust politicians. Since this essay went up a little over an hour ago, I’ve received two personal mails and a call from Nigeria declaring Buhari’s news as something from 2011!

Well, I’m sticking to this “breaking news” as it does contain the listing of the N5.5 million he paid for his party’s forms, an idea that – if truth be told – needs to go. It first started when Obasanjo ran for the presidency and the amounts for various parties have escalated since. It’s the first impediment that excludes good people who may not be money bags from running for office in Nigeria.
TOLA. 9:50 a.m. [GMT]



April 24, 2015 at 8:41 am

Highly un-African elite and lean socioeconomic profile.

Yet the game is less of profiling and all about HOW PERSONAL WEALTH IS CREATED AND/OR ACQUIRED. If Buhari stole his 150 heads of cattle or bought them from misappropriated public funds he will be classed as a corrupt public figure. No mistaking the wood for the forest here . BUHARI has set good standards but may be answering the wrong questions. Our pursuit should be who corruptly acquired wealth or abused public office to bring loss or harm to the nation.

BUHARI’s “gauntlet” is good politics for popular consumption but does not address issues of public corruption. It also offers no proof that Buhari is not corrupt. LET US BE MORE MINDFUL OF CLARITY AS WE APPROACH THIS MINEFIELD.



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5 Comments on “Buhari throws a gauntlet as he declares assets on Facebook: “I have no foreign bank account” – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Buhari said that he would declare his assets publicly and everybody appointed by his government would do so even the State governors. This is a deviation from the past and is in line with the constitution. It is left to us to believe him or not as there are always doubting Thomases in any setting. It is understandable. That he did so shows that he is a respecter of the constitution and we followers should appreciate this so that we don’t throw away the baby with the bath water.

    Yes, corruption is corruption, however, I feel that if Buhari stole at all, it is not to buy cows. Mansions, expensive cars, jets and the like are there to acquire in the country as well as outside the country. How many of our public figures who had been in government before can genuinely come out to declare what they have?

    I just see this as a way of leading by example. If we have all public holders do this, this time around, no leader will be bold enough next time to tell us he gives no damn to declare his assets. It is setting the path to follow and henceforth our leaders should fall in queue. I pray that God gives him the wisdom and will to pave the way for a new Nigeria.



  2. layiabegunrin Says:

     To fight corruption in Nigeria, and particularly with the NNPC, Retired Major-General Buhari must take across the board strategy, with no distinction made on whether it is petty corruption or high profile corruption. There should be no exceptions made for anyone and there should be no sacred cows. The rule of law must be obeyed and applied across the board.The law must be applicable to all Nigerians regardless of their position/positions in the country.  
    Hope we are not living in the Animal Farm Society where some animals are higher than the others. On corruption, Nigerians are condemned and ridiculed all-over the place. The Economist of London has described the NNPC as the most opaque national corporation. It is time to look into what is going on at NNPC, and put a person of integrity in-charge of this corporation.    



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for your contribution. I feel the retired General know he has his work cut out for him but I believe he’s adequately prepared for the task ahead; with more than a little assist from well-meaning Nigerians, I’m sure we will embark on the road to conquering the corruption kings and queens whose reigns over our country are set to end.

      Sincere regards,



      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Fatai,

        Thank you very much for this. A journey of a thousand years, the Chinese say, start with a first step. Buhari, I believe, has taken that first step, and what a giant step towards Nigeria’s real transformation.

        Sincere regards,


  3. emotan77 Says:

    Dear Tao,

    Thanks for the usual insightful comments.

    Of course it is – to borrow a common phrase – “a brave new world” that we are entering, and laurels should not be freely thrown. It is, at the same time, a step worthy of mention, if not approbation, that Buhari can come out in the “market place” – to borrow a Yoruba metaphor the way he did. It is a gauntlet that would be difficult to take up by even a local government chairman (Nigeria’s head of the third tier of political classification) because even the few politicians who did declare assets after victories in the 2011 elections had figures that were apparently puffed up with the intention of getting at arrived answers at tenure’s ends (working to the answer in the lingo of Elementary School Arithmetic!) A Nigerian billionaire (even N1 billion was worth over $6 million back then) would never be one to live like a struggling man; we all know what I’m talking about.

    Having said that, Buhari’s “highly un-African elite and lean socio-economic profile” may not preclude corruption but his lifestyle does preclude that, if that makes any sense! How many Nigerians who retired as school principals or such typically-middle class level … can be found opening the gates of their premises for visitors as Buhari has been met to do at his home even though he might have had maiguard – gateman? Generally, a very simple lifestyle calls for less bells and whistles which, put together, form the Introduction to the Lifestyles of Nigeria’s Rich and Famous in Nigeria.

    Let’s grant it to him, Dear Friend, Buhari has not said, “everybody must declare their assets”; he has merely gone ahead and led by example. It is a long way from not giving a damn about what the country’s majority feels about a president determined NOT to publicly do what the country’s Constitution expects him to do.

    Always a pleasure reading your contributions here and elsewhere.



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