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2 Comments on “Nigeria & the way forward: Buhari’s commitment to public declaration of assets will promote transparency, an enemy of corruption – Ladipo Adamolekun”

  1. ADEYEMI Says:

    As far back as I can remember, nobody ever condone corruption in Nigeria but every citizen, particularly the clergy who preach morality daily, partake(s) in nourishing it like a scholl of cat fish in a dirty brook.
    Late General Muritala was on record for confronting and fighting corruption head-on. After he left, what was the story under his successor(Obasanjo)? Why couldn’t Obasanjo continue with the same fervor? Did it reduce at all under him? China has zero tolerance for corruption. It’s death penalty! China with a communist legal framework dispenses quick and tough verdict without any bureaucratic bottleneck. Yet, corruption keeps expanding and flourishing there.

    Why? The avalanches of technological products flooding everywhere in market places! To possess any, funds MUST come from somewhere. Either through legitimate earnings or armed robbery or stealing. I think Nigerians ought to know that corruption can only succeed where majority population of any polity has unrestrained access to basic things that man needs to live. Reality is that those “needs” are expanding in numbers by the days. Shocking example is ‘PURE WATER’. Funny but real! Under the present rate of ravaging poverty, particularly in the north, millions of good paying jobs must be available before anyone can talk of taming corruption.

    And, even if Buhari tries based on his personal honor, what happens after he vacates the seat? Are we sure it shall not be the repeat of Murtala to Obasanjo to Shagari scenario’s replay? My suggestion therefore is that to curb corruption drastically, restructuring the federation whereby State and county police shall exist; whereby no public official will possess immunity; whereby the federal power will be reduced; etc can help.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yemi,

      Thanks v much for this.

      I think you are right to be concerned about the future for Nigeria unless institutions that will be strong to carry on the fight the crime of corruption are put in place to ensure that whatever is started by one administration does not end with that government. Institutions that will endure – not personalities – are what are most needed if a country is to succeed even though an upright individual like Buhari is needed to get the ball rolling. Without institutions that are empowered and a citizenry that is ready to be in the vanguard of ensuring that the government is made to account for goings on, an upright Buhari may not have much to show at the end of four years.

      Adamolekun’s essay mentions points about ensuring that the fight against corruption, this time around, is genuine:

      * that Buhari’s pledge to work with the National Assembly for a rapid enactment of a Whistle Blower Protection Act is critical to the success of the public assets declaration;
      * it makes suggestions on how to get the corruption fight up to quick start, (and one I particularly like),
      * a sort of small secretariat within the presidency that will be responsible for producing reports quarterly, bi-annually or annually on achieved results, AND using Hong Kong, Singapore and Botswana right here in Africa – not as templates but as goals – to know that “reducing corruption drastically within a 4-year time frame is not impossible” as these countries showed it can be done.

      The Yoruba say, ọkan kan l’a nyọ ẹsẹ l’ẹku, a statement about learning patience like a worker at a palm oil preparation huge stone or concrete vat from which the two feet have to be removed one after the other but none can blame The Nigerian for lack of patience; on the other hand, he/she has a patience bordering on complacency.

      I’m sure that retired General Muhammadu Buhari knows he has his work cut out for him and unlike those before him, he does understand that he would be held accountable, not any fancy “technocrat” or party. Nigerians for the most part voted for Buhari and not his party AT THAT POINT IN TIME due to the huge effort! of course, made by the same party!

      My regards,




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