Nigeria & the way forward (4): “This Yam, This Goat, This Country: Pwc On NNPC – Part 2” –

May 1, 2015


This is Part 2 of “THIS YAM, THIS GOAT …” carried on this blog yesterday in a series, Nigeria & the way forward.

This will be the 4th essay in a series I plan will contain my thoughts as well as essays by others either directly submitted to me or culled from across the web on the onerous task before a government most Nigerians have invested (no be cash, o) a lot on.

The first was sent to me by Professor Ladipo Adamolekun, an essay that reduces what many of us are thinking should form part of a template for the new government and the second contains my thoughts on a 2010 essay that dismisses Dr. Bukola Saraki as a name that should not come up for the Senate presidency.

The two essays from form a basic and unquestionable reason for “PEOPLE MUST GO TO PRISON. NO IFS, NO BUTS.”


No one has the right to retain money that should come to the federation account. Constitutionally, it should come and then , if expenses are legitimate, they should be presented transparently and properly approved. To even admit that you have withheld $10bn or $12bn and then say this is what I did with it is, frankly speaking, not even the beginning of an argument” – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, speaking to Gavin Serkin, author of ‘Frontier

Part 1 is here if you missed it.

We now know the measurement of the yam ($69bn) that was left in the care of the NNPC goat. And we also know how much the goat handed back to the Nigerian treasury ($50bn). The debate now is what right the NNPC had to eat so much ($20bn) of the yam belonging to the Nigerian people, if it had the right to…

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