Nigeria and the way forward (6): A few questions pertaining to Alhaji Lamido Sanusi, the Emir Kano – Tola Adenle

May 8, 2015


Now that the former Central Governor, Lamido Sanusi seems to have more time on his hands as he seems to have been paying a lot of attention to big-time politics of the divisive type rather than on paying attention to his role as the ruler of Kano Emirate, it’s right that I return to old matters on which the Emir may wish to take a look-back at, and talk at large on them to Nigerians.

In this season when we look forward to a change in the direction of governance and, hopefully, the luck of Nigeria and her citizens, I’m airing the following alleged financial misdeeds of the former Central Bank Governor as one of the essays on the ‘way forward’.

At the bottom are two essays, one by this blogger and the other from a Nigerian newspaper from three years ago when His Highness Alhaji Sanusi sat at the head of Nigeria’s apex bank that he may want to revisit and shine more light on now that he seems to be preoccupied with Nigeria’s divisive politics.

First, though, are the following accusations that have been flying all over the web for quite a while.

* He supposedly spent N1.257b for Lunch for his Police and Private Guards in a year.
* “claimed payment of over N38 billion to Nigerian Security Printing & Minting in 2011 for the “printing of bank notes”.
* Who is the owner of a purported CBN account that supposedly holds a whopping balance of N1.423 billion since 2008?
* Is it true that Associated Airlines got paid over N1 billion in 2011, a year the airline was supposedly not in operation?
* Is it true that the Central Bank under his watch allocated N4 billion to the CBN Port Harcourt branch AFTER the branch building had supposedly been built?
* Did the Emir actually DONATE N1 billion to Bayero University, Kano just as he once reportedly donated money to Boko Haram survivors? [see below]

*  Is it true that he donated N1 billion to a political party to build offices throughout Nigeria, and on what basis?  Did the party borrow from a Central Bank!!??

*  Is it also true that Nigeria’s Central Bank INVESTED billions of dollars in an Islamic Bank in Malaysia under his watch?  I remember writing about Nigeria’s was “sourcing” funds


For Nigeria to move ahead, these alleged deeds of our country’s past must be addressed so that such impunity, if indeed they happened, never surfaces again.


[I wonder if the donation of N100m by Alhaji Sanusi, the Central Bank’s governor is not a precedent-setting problem apart from the anomaly of a government department/agency’s head handing out a huge chunk of cash to a group of people. While no one can dispute the suffering of the thousands that the Boko Haram madness has unleashed, I think there must be a line at which the anything-goes governance style in Nigeria must not cross. TOLA.] Check out the full story below:




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