Why the Yoruba may lose out under Buhari – Niran Adedokun

May 14, 2015


This is a re-post. Errors in previous post unavoided. TOLA.

While I absolutely do not like the ethnic coloration that we give to politics in Nigeria, it must be said that for the 2015 election, both northern and southern elements constructed the APC victory LED by Bola Tinubu’s versatile political strategy and machine.

Punch essay – see link below – is an interesting melange. A threat analysis ,cautionary note and challenge rolled into one for managing the desire of the Yoruba region and nation for true federalism and a strong and vibrant Nigerian state. The beautiful bride labelling of the Bola Tinubu skilled construction of APC victory is a dangerous misreading of the political terrain, and the caution against imagined Yoruba arrogance is mislaid. The distinctive characteristic of the 2015 APC victory and power at the centre is that before now and since 1960 , elements from the South were invited or courted to serve caliphate/northern power.

If anyone is a bride, it is BUHARI and the North, that were wooed and courted. Had the North arm twisted Jonathan out of PDP nomination replacing him with a Northerner,2015 would have turned out very differently. Thus the test of the Yorubaness of the Tinubu quotient will be in how the case for true Federalism is played or plays out.

Will the Yoruba desire for autonomy be on the front burner? Will the Southern case for political restructuring be given filip? Will the caliphate hegemonist tendencies resurface with POWER as the North’s industry as has been suggested by some in the Southwest? Will the same skills that delivered a Nigerian victory to BUHARI return Nigeria to the path of true federalism as preached by Awolowo and echoed by Tafawa Balewa? Will the Bola Tinubu construct become a positive first step to saving the Nigerian State experiment from doom?

These, rather than soft blackmailing of the Yoruba nation, are the questions to be intelligently addressed. [The full essay is below.]


THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015.  7:55 p.m. [GMT]

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6 Comments on “Why the Yoruba may lose out under Buhari – Niran Adedokun”

  1. Abdulsalam Ajetunmobi Says:

    Dr Shamsuddeeen Usman (CON)’s denial of comments attributed to him in an online news portal, PointBlankNews.com, undervaluing the role of Yoruba in the March 28 presidential election, is a pointer to the dangerous half-truths and total nonsense littering the Internet. Early this month, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka was quick to deny an Internet statement attributed to him concerning the voting pattern of the Igbo in the same election.

    Internet is an open house for boosting the egos of crackpot writers, though it does at least facilitate their demolition. However, if we’re committed to ridding ourselves of online crackpot writers, then we must take steps to gather validated information or evidence-based insight.

    Evidence-based insight proceeds from the premise that using better, deeper logic and employing facts to the extent possible permits the audience to properly navigate murky pools of individuals’ beliefs and ideologies. Certainly, idiosyncrasies that are total nonsense do harm and must be debunked by practising evidence-based performance.

    AO Ajetunmobi



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Dr. Ajetunmobi,

      Thanks for your impassioned look at the season’s madness in the divisive political game that is forever always rearing its ugly head in Nigeria. It is a very sad and unfortunate situation in the unending attempt by pockets of those hell-bent in denigrating the contributions of those who have made perhaps the most sacrifice in the building of a truly-unified union that was deformed from birth; your reference to the Soyinka purported statement is very apt.

      Alhaji (Dr.) Usman may not have the credentials to rank him in the rarefied class of a true Nigerian patriot that Soyinka belongs, and while the words credited to him may ring true of a stereotypical ethnocentric Northern Nigerian, the words do ring off-cue and way out unthinking for a man who was once a Finance Minister as well as the Number Two man at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

      When I read it, I merely dismissed it as one of what one may consider as one of the pernicious misinformation pervading the land following the wonder that finally brought retired General Buhari a realization of his dream, a dream-come-true that may open the path to Nigeria’s beginning of departure from her ruinous past.

      Sincere regards,



  2. Latif Opawoye Says:

    A few days ago Shamsudeen, [the economic adviser to GEJ] a Northerner warned Tinubu not to bully GMD because of the few votes he got from S West. He did mention that the votes alone from Zamfara dwarf the entire Yoruba region. I quite agree with the writer that we need to start seeing ourself as a Nigerian first. That is what makes America a great country.



    • emotan77 Says:

      You are absolutely correct about the greatness of America deriving from a people who see themselves as one but Nigeria because welding the disparate groups into one requires equity and fairness to be built into the system first.

      We are not one no matter how much we try to deceive ourselves. And with the ilk of Samsideen voicing all these ill-formed ideas, the gulf between the groups that make up Nigeria, even though it can be bridged under a focussed and fair leadership which Buhari could rise to – if he wants – IS very much present.

      For this guy to say what he’s credited with shows how vacuous many of those who have found themselves in high positions really are, and, worse, how difficult it’s going to be to forge a nation out of the groups that inhabit the physical space known as Nigeria.

      Regards, Dear Doctor.



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