FIFA: Sepp Blatter, the Teflon Administrator takes the exit (at last!) before something sticks – Tola Adenle

June 2, 2015


He came out of his re-election skirmishes fuming,  a smirk on his face, anger in his tone at being challenged and pride at his “victory” over his perceived enemies, primarily, the USA and England.

The game is finally over as Blatter apparently surveyed the vista and what he saw ahead did not look good for his continued stay at the top of the world’s soccer body, FIFA, which has been troubled by corruption for many years but the Qatar bid and victory for the 2022 World Cup was the last straw in his corruption-ridden career at the world body.

The sports world is reeling from the shocking news of Blatter’s resignation coming after a victory he schemed hard and rough for, followed by a seeming determination in his post-victory attitude that he had ridden out the storm.

FIFA has had corruption allegations since Havelange, the last administrator, and the world now awaits what the post-Blatter era would bring, especially in the area of configuring the various confederations where Blatter got his power.

Hopefully, the next administrator would not borrow Blatter’s template of a power base built on Third World confederations whose represenatives saw in him – rightly or as survival strategy – a man who was truly interested in their confeds, and therefore lavished attention, positions AND money on them.

A way has to be found to avoid FIFA being run by an individual who demands absolute loyalty – and gets it – by distributing patronage which, as the world now knows, often were in form of corrupt practices.

How will the new president be chosen without Blatter’s overbearing influence?


TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2015.  8:10 p.m.[GMT]



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