Tolu Akinrosotu freed from US penile system – Tola Adenle

June 2, 2015

Diaspora, USA

It is freedom at last for Tolu Akinrosotu who, while not making excuses for him, was caught in the vise grip of the US justice system against blacks that has about a million African-Americans in jail through a very discriminatory system.  It was no excuse for Tolu but most who committed his type of drug offence – especially White-Americans – never get even a mere slap on the proverbial wrists.

I’m sure this young man has learnt his lesson, and it is thanks to those who have helped him along the way, and great thanks to Dr. Lati Opawoye who deserves a honorary Nigeria’s Ambassador Extraordinary to North America!  Whenever help is needed by any Nigerian he knows about, he takes on the cause with time and whatever resources he can muster.

While whatever role this blog played in Tolu’s release was very minuscle, Opawoye was the one who brought it to my notice and the blog got out word for support for a Presidential pardon due to the sheer scale of punishment against the crime committed.

Congratulations to Tolu and his sibling, Tosin who took on his course from without The Walls.


TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2015.  4:50 a.m. [GMT]


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5 Comments on “Tolu Akinrosotu freed from US penile system – Tola Adenle”

  1. Mrs. Folashade Oyawusi Says:

    Glory be to God for his wonders. Credit to the people who were on this journey with Mr. Akinrosotu. Regards and respect to daddy Opawoye for getting Charleasn involved on this case and for his tireless effort and concern for all Charleans. Best of luck to Akin. Even though we may not know each other, am a Charlean’s wife. God bless. Sade Oyawusi



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks Mrs. Oyawusi.

      It’s indeed thanks to God. And do not worry; we are all [sort of Charleans], either through schooling, marrying one, hailing from Osogbo, et cetera. The wonderful thing is that Dr. Opawoye helps everybody – Charlean or not.




  2. Fatai Bakare Says:

    I was so happy and elated when I read his message yesterday in corrilinks. I was happy with confusion because I did not expect it to be so soon. I was thinking of around Nov. I quickly replied expressing my joy and happiness to him. It was a surprise package. God’s time is the best.

    Muyiwa brought out Tolu’s case and earns all the credits. It was him God used for people like us to rally round him. Of course, we should not forget anti Tola Adenle for helping us in her blog. It was a plus opportunity for the campaign.

    It’s God’s blessings that we are going to wine and dine with Tolu in a couple of day’s time. Glory be to Allah. Happy for him and his family especially that big asset Toosin.

    Fatai Bakare.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks very much. We all thank God for Tolu’s release, and hope he has learnt his lesson.

      I acknowledged Dr. Opawoye as the person who not only brought it to my attention but kept on sending correspondences on his behalf to be used on the log and to intimate me with progress being made.

      My regards, as always,



  3. Adedapo Muyiwa Says:

    God bless you all for your long standing support and love. Charles 87



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