Africa Trending: Contemporary Challenges in Reputation and Crisis Management – Emeka Opara

June 8, 2015



Being a lecture delivered to mark the 60th birthday of Dr. Wole Adamolekun, and simultaneous webcast commentaries by Professor Cornelius B. Pratt, Temple University, Philadelphia & Peter Mutie, C.E.O., Ocean Communications, Nairobi, Kenya.

Wole and BisiWole and Bisi Adamolekun both recently turned 60!



At a well-attended by professionals in Communication/Media from Nigeria as well as students of Communication from the host university, Elizade,  and with simultaneously web-cast participations in East Africa, the UK and the United States, a lecture was held in honor of Dr. Wole Adamolekun by the African Public Relations Association to mark his 60th birthday recently.  It held at Elizade University, Ilara-Mọ̀kín, Ondo State where Adamolekun now teaches Media Arts as a senior lecturer after his retirement from government where he had worked in Media and Communications during his long career.

Adamolekun holds a first degree, a Masters as well as a doctorate in Mass Communications and Media Arts, and holds professional certifications in Communication Arts from overseas institutions.  In his undergraduate days, he wrote Book & Art Reviews for Emotan, A Woman’s Magazine.

In a brief remark after the well-received lecture, the university’s vice-chancellor (academic head) praised the organizers of the lecture and described the lecture as being of great benefit to the students who got a first-hand look at the working of a profession they are studying to become a part of in future.  He thanked Adamolekun for bringing the lecture to the university where he’s now a member of the teaching staff.

Emeka Oparah, the presenter, is a veteran in the field of marketing, public relations and advertising with several years of experience.
He is a member of the Executive Council of Airtel Nigeria where he also serves as the Director,  Corporate Communications and
Corporate Social Responsibility.


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Below is the link to the well-received paper; it comes with French translation (Traduction Francaise).

OPARAcontemporary challenges and crisis management


MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2015. 9:35 p.m. [GMT]

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