Next for Saraki? Nigeria’s Presidency. The old fox must be laughing from the Great Beyond – Tola Adenle

June 10, 2015


Olusola-Saraki2Late Dr. Abubakar Saraki, NPN-era Senate President, Chairman, failed Societe-General Bank owned by his family  but not before he and his family reportedly withdrew all the money elsewhere.
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This brief excerpt below  –

contains an unmistakable opinion of Bukola Saraki that I have, and have touched upon in several essays in The Comet on Sunday, The Nation on Sunday and here  for over twelve years.  The excerpt is actually from an earlier essay from 2010 in The Nation on Sunday The “Nigerian Governors’ Forum” – NGF – an unconstitutional none-entity:

These power grabbers, atop which sits, comfortably laughing at the rest of Nigeria citizenry, is Bukola Saraki, who has, by sheer will power and the backing of perhaps Nigeria’s first political godfather – his father – continued to muscle his way up the ladder of a “crime syndicate” to quote a letter writer, “masquerading as a nation”. The ambitious Bukola Saraki – who, if not by law but by ethics, would never hold any public office for life in a normal country because of what his family-held bank did to bank depositors – provides him with another foot up this power-grabbing arm of a contraption I labeled Nigeria, Inc. back in 2003 during the imperial presidency of retired General Obasanjo. Meanwhile, Nigerian masses are gasping for breath under the sheer weight of greed of their self-appointed overlords.

I wrote on why Saraki becoming the senate’s president would definitely not be part of the way forward for a changed Nigeria recently but now that the deed has been done, the maniacal way in which APC’s leaders kept on ferreting membership from among all sorts of bedfellows who were much worse than themselves is quickly bringing the chickens home to roost earlier than expected.

What next?  A Saraki NIGERIA’s presidency – problems with the Sarakis’ running of Societe General Bank aground while reportedly taking depositors’ money elsewhere & without paying back what they owe; Bukola;s problems with Kwara State that he REIGNED over for eight years, et cetera, notwithstanding – seems close.

Just three years ago, the Senate under retired army officer David Mark asked the government to name Ilorin Airport after Bukola’s father who was Senate President under the NPN – nothing probably wrong with that but here is Mark’s reason why the Father of all modern political godfathers deserves such honor – ” for laying the foundation for the country’s political evolution in 1979“!

The Ilorin Yoruba [Dr. Olusola Saraki], Ilorin Fulani descendant [Dr. Abubakar Saraki] – whichever paid – medical doctor-trained self-made polical godfather par excellence, the old fox must be laughing at his boy’s continued planting of footsteps in his from the grave.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 2015. 5:20 a.m. [GMT]

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3 Comments on “Next for Saraki? Nigeria’s Presidency. The old fox must be laughing from the Great Beyond – Tola Adenle”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    I suppose one way of stopping these corrupt officials is by removing impunity from prosecution while in office.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      Thanks very much with your suggestion which is in sync with what every right-minded Nigeria believes should be the case. It’s been impunity excesses since the return to civil rule in ’79, and the only way to end these is by removing what shields “law”-makers, governors, the president, et cetera from prosecution.

      Of course, they would be free to plead “no contest” or whatever the law calls for and vacate office to face the law.


      Liked by 1 person



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