For Mariam “Shade” Adebayo, death in shunned former boyfriend’s hands at an American parking lot – Yahoo News

June 15, 2015

Society/Living, USA

‘Everybody loved her’: Woman’s life ended with gunshots in a parking lot

By Dan Morse

SHADEMariam “Shade” Adebayo, The African-American young lady, daughter of “Ghanaian” immigrants who was gunned down at a parking lot in yet another tragedy of a gun-loving country.

I put the quotes on the slain young woman’s names – Shade (Ṣade Adebayọ), which was what caught my attention because of the “Ghanaian” ancestry. Though supposedly born of “Ghanaian” immigrants, any Yoruba person with ancestral roots in Nigeria know that “Shade” – shortened from FọlaṢade – IS not only a Yoruba female name but her father’s Adebayọ name is a dead giveaway to his homeland. Those facts may not be relevant to this story but need mentioning from blogger’s perspective. TOLA.


“It gets more real every day,” Kiankhooy said Friday. “She really is gone.”

According to Montgomery County authorities, the ex-boyfriend, Donald W. Bricker, 27, mapped out the June 1 attack in chilling detail.

That day, Bricker received an antique-style replica handgun in the mail. He practiced firing it at his home in Hagerstown, Md., and headed out to meet Adebayo. He got into her car, police said, and started arguing. Adebayo tried to run. He got out, shot her, she fell, and he walked up to her and shot her again, police said.

Adebayo died a short time later. Bricker, who police said drove off in a pickup truck, was apprehended after a police chase.

“He was doing anything he could to control her, to the point of manipulating her into a final encounter,” said Capt. Darren Francke, head of Montgomery’s major crimes unit. “She still wanted to try to help him, and he preyed on that.”

The slaying is all the more tragic because of where Adebayo was in her life. A graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, she had just taken a job at Maxim Healthcare Services in Columbia, Md., and was seeking out graduate school programs in occupational therapy. The relationship with Bricker — a man her friends and family didn’t really know, who had a mysterious, criminal past — seemed behind her.

“She wasn’t dating him anymore,” Kiankhooy said. “She was going to go do great things like she always was.”

Several weeks ago, over lunch with her mother, Cassandra Atkens, Adebayo spoke about time she would have with others. “Now that I’m not seeing him anymore,” she told her mom, “we should do more things together.”

The friendliest face
The daughter of immigrants from Ghana, Mariam Folashadé Adebayo grew up in Germantown. Kiankhooy met her in 2003, during Kiankhooy’s first week as a scared seventh-grader at a new school. Walking into a science class, she scanned the room for the friendliest face, spotted Adebayo and took a seat next to her.




MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015.  5:35 a.m. [GMT]


UPDATE:  SHADE ADEBAYO’S KILLER-BOYFRIEND HAS BEEN SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT OPTION OF PAROLE. Justice has been served even though it would not bring the beautiful young woman back. TOLA, October 22, 2016.


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