“Delay” in announcing ministerial list: Buhari is effecting “the change we want” – Tokunbo Ajaṣin

July 2, 2015


Much ado about Buhari’s taking his time to appoint ministers

It seems that the more we want change, the more we want things to remain the same. Here is Buhari who was elected on the platform of change but when he decides to effectively do things differently we complain.

He recently said that he would not interfere in the election of the Senate president because he could work with anyone (this is a deviation from the way we are used to, particularly during the regime of Obasanjo who interfered and controlled the election of several Senate presidents).

Buhari has a different perceptive but even though people want change, they still want him to control everything like Obasanjo did. Look where it landed the APC. When he said that he did not wish to interfere, they should have let him be, but rather they wanted to coerce him into interfering in the election which consequently backfired.

It is the same thing when he decides to take his time in the appointment of his ministers. People are so anxious because they are used to ministers’ appointment within a few weeks. But here is Buhari who decides to be painstaking in the appointment of his ministers, and yet we are complaining that it is taking too long.

This is the change that we wanted and he is effecting that change.

If I know him well, he always takes his time to commence anything because he is usually meticulous in getting things in place. As soon as he is done, he thereafter moves with lightening speed. I recall that this was what he did at PTF. But people tend to expect the same thing even when they crave and yearn for change.

Change is always difficult to effect except for focused, determined and dogged people. While I can understand where Buhari is coming from, I am equally not oblivious of the people’s reaction for real and effective change.


Dear Mr. Ajasin,
Thank you very much for this which I will share further as a post.

The change Nigeria and Nigerians wanted and I believe still want and need call for more deliberate steps that should eradicate the obfuscation that allow the massive corruption that has led the country to its current state. And those, in my opinion, are what the president is trying hard to deliver but in the usual fickleness and listlessness – pardon me – that characterize the generic Nigerian, we just cannot wait.

Sincere regards,

THURSDAY. JULY 2, 2015. 11:10 a.m. [GMT]




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3 Comments on ““Delay” in announcing ministerial list: Buhari is effecting “the change we want” – Tokunbo Ajaṣin”

  1. Ajipeya Says:

    Tokunbo’s points about Buhari seem to be what those who know the retired General very well say about him.

    I remember how he supposedly handled the issue of IMF loan as a military head of state. According to my grapevine (a late former member of the Supreme military council), Buhari invited some academicians to address the Council on the pros & cons of Nigeria taking the loan. After the talk, he requested the members of the Council to reflect on the talks before voting on whether Nigeria should take the loan. Their decision was what informed Nigeria’s rejection of the IMF loan at that time.

    He is very painstaking in decision-making, and Nigerians should allow him time to screen the nominations that he is considering.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Mr. Ajipeya.

      I agree with Mr. Ajasin; ditto your reference to the past which shows he’s not only a thorough administrator but a consensus builder who will carry others along before making informed-decisions based on WHAT’S BEST FOR ALL OF US.

      Regards, as always,



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