Vyapam: India’s deadly medical school exam scandal – bbc.com

July 10, 2015

Asia & Oceania, Health

Bhopal protest

There have been widespread protests against the scam in Madhya Pradesh
A medical school admission examinations scandal in India has turned into a veritable whodunit with thousands of arrests, mysterious deaths and the suspected involvement of top politicians and bureaucrats. Soutik Biswas travelled to Madhya Pradesh to investigate.

The call came late in the afternoon when he was taking some foreign journalists to meet victims of clinical trials near the central city of Indore.

It was 13 July 2013, six days after the local police had caught half a dozen students from a city hotel who they suspected were plotting to rig medical school exams.
Dr Anand Rai, a medical officer himself, has the reputation of being a feisty – if sometimes, reckless – whistle-blower, so he was helping the police with intelligence about how medical school exams were being rigged in Madhya Pradesh.

“There was a man on the line threatening to kill me. He said don’t do this job any more,” says Dr Rai, 38. The man rang off.

Two minutes later, the man called again. “Don’t you give this number to the police. You will pay for it, if you do,” he said, before hanging up.

Highest bidder

Dr Rai promptly handed over the number to the police, who tracked the call to Mumbai. A local police team went to Mumbai and arrested the caller.

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4 Comments on “Vyapam: India’s deadly medical school exam scandal – bbc.com”

  1. laiopawoye@comcast.net Says:

    Even though there are good medical schools in India,  many of us who worked in Saudi Arabia  have seen many Indian  doctors who are just not up to standard. This is one of the reasons I always frown  at Nigerians trooping to India for treatment. Eku ‘pa’lẹ mọ weekend Latif  



    • emotan77 Says:

      It’s an unbelievable story that India, with a level of development that is beyond Third World status, has all these cheating stories coming out of the subcontinent from time to time. Some months ago, photographs of parents climbing walls to reach upper storey floors to deliver exam assistance to their kids writing examinations were a big shock to the world. Now this!

      Nigeria’s medical situation is in such dire straits as you know that our people would travel anywhere to get treated, and while most come back healed, we never read about this kind of happenings that would definitely affect the standard of health care delivery.

      Thanks for your input,



  2. Naijamum Says:

    India seems to be on its way to being the winner of The Most Cheating in Examination Country People’s Award, if there is any such.



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