Serena’s Historic 21st Grand Slam: Richard Williams may not have made it to Tennis Estab’s best salons, but look who’s laughing now! – Tola Adenle

July 11, 2015

Sports, USA

This is no news because no matter how remote your little corner of the globe may be to Wimbledon – IF you are a tennis fan because this is merely for record purposes that Serena’s 6th Wimbledon victory makes it twenty-one Big Ones that take her to many tennis and sports mileposts.

And that’s all the reporting you’ll get here but flashes from the past are here for tennis fans to look back and enjoy.

Congratulations, Serena.  Congrats, Venus, and a big thank you to all the Williamses, especially Richard.

serena wears her crown
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Here are two excerpts from a tribute five Wimbledons ago. The link is at the end:

Venus and Serena, of course, were coached by dad, Richard who famously planned with his wife to have more kids when he discovered how much money tennis players made. The babies followed in quick succession; Richard bought tennis books and studied them solely to teach his two little ones and, boy, did he drown out the critics but  he made his way on to Tennis Estab’s permanent not-wanted-as-dinner-guest in the process but he has laughed last.  TOLA, July 2011.


“I want the entire world to know that Richard Williams never, never, not once raised his voice when working with his daughters. Over these years, since even before you turned pro Venus at the age of 14, many, many people, from the tennis establishment, coaches, former players, the media, put Richard down, down, down, right down man, when he did not let you girls play tournament tennis over your formative years.
“He’s crazy they said, the way he trains you. You know what I say? If only some of the tennis parents we see around today, from the very top level down, were crazy like that. I wish, and sometimes I even pray, that our tennis parents would follow the Williams’ philosophy.
[From Letter to Venus and Serena – Nick Bottileri.

Above two excerpts from blogger’s:


You may also be interested in a few others, among many, that can be checked at this blog by inputting Serena/Venus in the search box:

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5 Comments on “Serena’s Historic 21st Grand Slam: Richard Williams may not have made it to Tennis Estab’s best salons, but look who’s laughing now! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Lati Opawoye Says:

    Richard will remain an important man whenever they decide to write or make documentary about Venus/Serena and their late beloved sister, Yetunde.

    Like what Serena said a few days ago, nothing else to prove. She has done it all. However because of the race, Serena makes less money than Maria whom she has flogged more than 16 times.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Doctor,

      Their dad will always remain a very important man in tennis not only vicariously because of what her girls whom he coached have achieved but in addition because of the way he opened many parents’ eyes to the possibility of coaching their own kids to world-class levels without having the kind of money that kids from upper class American families were born into.

      As I once opined on this blog, I believe Richard belongs in Tennis Hall of Fame, some day!

      As for making less than Maria, I do not believe Serena gives that much thought because the Forbes’ List isn’t important to whatever legacy each girl would leave behind. Serena has earned more than Maria FROM TENNIS, and THAT, I believe is what’s important.

      Sincere greetings,



  2. Timothy Otunla Says:

    Superb….. Would it occur to any to invite her to visit Ngr? tao

    Sent from my iPhone




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Tao,

      Thanks. I bet it may not but it’s about time she and Venus get an official
      “invite” to “Ngr”. That would be wonderful!

      Sincere regards,



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