SHOCKING: Ex-FRSC boss buys off govt’s 7-day old N13m SUV as scrap, paying N150, 000 – Premium Times

August 7, 2015



FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2015.  4:35 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “SHOCKING: Ex-FRSC boss buys off govt’s 7-day old N13m SUV as scrap, paying N150, 000 – Premium Times”

  1. bisisowunmig Says:

    This is beyond words and imagination o! How many more cans of worms are waiting to be opened, I wonder? Obviously some Nigerians have long killed their consciences and only very long jail terms plus forfeiture of stolen loot/property can resuscitate them and deter others planning to join the gang of robbers. Obviously the Presidency of the un-corrupted Buhari is responsible for these stunning revelations. We pray these cases will be followed to logical conclusions sooner than later!

    Thanks for sharing this latest mind-boggler! S.B.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      More than shocking, to say the least. It seems the depth of corruption to which Nigeria has sunk is beyond pardon, and as you’ve mentioned and somebody wrote after the Nigerian idea of “soft landing” started being bandied for looters – that there can be no ifs or buts, that people must go to prison – for the unimaginable looting – I do now agree with RETURNING STOLEN MONEY PLUS PUNISHMENT.

      The Buhari Factor is already indeed at play in many areas he has not touched. Even the petrol hoarders at Ibadan have lined up behind the government-stated prices once a few had been reported punished with license being stopped.

      My thanks and regards.



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