Nigeria’s new ministerial list portends a future that is Nigeria’s immediate past – Tola Adenle

October 6, 2015


The Okonjo-Iweala & Deziani Madueke a Disasters

Ms. Iweala’s disastrous REIGN as economy Czarina may be over but the ruin it has left behind will take years to correct.

As bits and stomach-churning bits of details of Ms. Madueke’s reign of wanton abandonment of decency at Nigeria’s oil sector continue to come to life, the railroading of Nigeria into debt-dom that Ms. Iweala spearheaded pales in significance.

An essay from 2011 when both women first came well above the radar and should never have been included in President Jonathan’s ministerial list is in order. Those nominations would lead to several essays which used available information to appeal to Pres. Jonathan NOT to nominate both women.

The following is one of the many essays that would subsequently have both women as subjects.

TOLA. October 6, 2015

by Tola Adenle

Dr. Okonjo-Iweala: With President Jonathan’s choice of Dr. Iweala, Nigeria has signified its choice of staying on the debt route. If Iweala knew that Nigeria needs “external loans”, why did she encourage and actively participate in the settlement of the old debts, a situation that drew applause Nigeria’s way? Nigeria seems doomed. It recently settled a N51 billion loan to London and Paris Clubs but the news reports claim nobody knows who took the loan!

I’ve written more than perhaps I should – because I write from a layman’s perspective – about Iweala’s World Bank’s position and her Nigerian citizenship to lay off the topic but Nigeria’s debts won’t go away. With her imminent headship of the Finance Ministry – again – I think the stage is set for more loans because she can be trusted by Western lenders who are her employer’s greatest customers.

What baffles…

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