Any [church] General Overseer [Head] that rides a Gulf Stream Jet could not be of Christ – Remi Oyeyemi

December 19, 2015


Any General Overseer that rides a Gulf Stream Jet could not be of Christ when millions of his followers are stagnated in need, want and poverty. Any Church that found schools that are beyond the reach of its members is evil and not of Jesus Christ … If Pastor Adeboye and his ilk as well as his henchmen believe what they are preaching, they would not be buying jets worth several millions of dollars … live on obscene opulence … charging out-of-reach fees for the schools built from the membership tithes.


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2015. 4.00  p.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “Any [church] General Overseer [Head] that rides a Gulf Stream Jet could not be of Christ – Remi Oyeyemi”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    This is what Nigeria terribly needs – more people to tell obvious truth. I am happy now that at least we don’t see them romancing the president so he could pay more tithe from our common wealth to their churches.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      Thanks for your contribution.

      The State and Church in Nigeria became one quite a long while ago as in Christian Europe of a long-gone era with the masses left in the lurch as it was in Europe.

      Nigeria’s top politicians are given top billings in churches, including the old chirches where many clergymen would be found tailoring sermons to favor even known thieving politicians.

      “Daddy G.O” Adeboye of Redeemed Church claimed he was Unaware of Obasanjo’s attempt to remain in office through the so-called Third Term which any Nigerian adult – except, perhaps, his sheep, and you can interprete that word any which way – knew was the then president’s mad ambition. The two were supposedly close enough for the church leader to have supposedly been one of thebeneficiaries of the “import waivers” through the sea ports.

      I’ve written publicly and in a private correspondence about the need for church-financed high schools to offer much-reduced tuitions to church members as in the cases of the mega pentecostal churches and free tuitions to kids of low-income church workers in the particular single church that I know. After all, church members built these schools.

      One might as well be screaming to hearing-impaired people because the followers in the mega churches see their leader as gods whose offspring are so reverred church members feel “annointing” comes to them when these offspring are touched!


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      • folakemiodoaje Says:

        You are completely right, one can only shed light; it is up to the ‘sheep’ to make their minds up. It is only in Nigeria that the government gives scholarships to already rich kids to go to private faith and politician-owned universities at the expense of renovating and develop our federal and state universities.

        You are absolutely right, members built the schools. A lawyer friend moaned of inability to afford G.O schools even though she paid tithes and offerings, I told her to stop being daft and save her money for her kids.

        These vampire stomachs are bottomless; they can’t stop now unless people stop feeding their greed.

        People will learn eventually, just hope it wouldn’t be too late.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Folakemi,

        Thank you very much. Hopefully, people will learn “before it’s too late.”


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