Gimme, gimme: (120 units) 2016 Toyota L/Cruiser, American specs; V8; VXR, 5.7, … with Intelligence – Nigeria’s “lawmakers”! – Tola Adenle

Where are Nigeria’s so-called progressive APC leaders as their “lawmakers” go on scorched-earth spending rampage? -Tola


“If I can turn down N400 million for the presidency that I do not need any new car because of the economy, I can’t see the National Assembly spending that N47 billion to buy cars, on top of transport allowance they collect … I have to revisit that story. The budget for their transport allowance comes up to a N100 billion. With the kind of money that goes into the National Assembly, we have to look at it conscientiously and see how we can live within our means.”

Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria  –  on the madness at Nigeria’s National Assembly



Nigeria’s so-called “lawmakers”, a.k.a. “sin-nators” & “legis-looters, led by Bukola Saraki at the “progressive” APC-controlled Senate have asked the Nigerian people to go jump into whichever body of water is closest to their various domains: the Atlantic and Lagoons for Lagosians; the Lagoon for Ondo & Ijebu Waterside; the Niger and Benue for Middlebelters who live near them; the Creeks for the Riverine areas, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

IF –

  •  Nigerians are not pleased with these self-awarded transportation budget of utter destruction of a country they swore to serve.
  • Nigerians believe that a tree [Buhari] can make a forest in bringing change, in the fight against the same practices that contributed to the utter ruin of Jonathan’s government.
  • Nigerians think the entrenched interests that goaded Jonathan on and saw to the economic ruin Nigeria witnessed in the last few years without their rising and saying loud enough to shatter the silence of complacency that is set to ruin ALL except those who have looted enough to last their descendants for generations.

Danger is here!

A ti gbé, o!!  – We are in big mess/trouble/hole … !!

GBÀ WÁ, O!!!  – Pl- e- a- s-e, save us!!!

  •  120 units of Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016 model with the following specifications
  •  “American Brand, V8, VXR, 5.7, Auto Engine WITH INTELLIGENCE”.

with integrated navigator cruise control, QI-Compatible wireless charging and Kinetic dynamic suspension system, as well as being “full option”.

  Former PDP-reactionary but born-again APC “progressive”, Saraki, and Deputy, former & present fellow traveler Ike Ekweremadu, EACH wants IN ADDITION:

  •  a 2016 model Mercedes Benz S550,
  • four 2016 Toyota Prado jeeps,
  • four 2016 Toyota Hilux SS (Auto) and
  • a 2016 model Toyota Hiace Bus EACH,


OKAY, THE HOUSE OF REPS’ “lawmakers”, a.k.a. “legislooters also say, gimme, gimme:

  • two Mercedes Benz S550, 2016 Model; V8, 4.6L Twin Turbo; Full Option ( Treated). An engineer familiar with automobiles told us that the description “treated” means the car should be bullet proof.
  • 14 Toyota Landcruiser SUVs, 5.7L petrol Engine, Auto; Leather Seat; 2016 Model; Full Option; Keyless Entry for the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, and his Deputy, Yusuf Lasun.


These people are determined to conserve Nigerians into vast few plantations owned by people who shop in Nigerian supermarkets using hard currencies;

”                                     ”      Nigeria perpetually a country that will never become a nation;

Nigerians must rise, and with one voice tell APC, PDP, APGA, and all the other alphabet-parties which are about the same, to listen to Buhari; to listen to the anguish of the masses; to listen to what everybody is saying about Nigeria, including the clownish Trump of the USA who, definitely has a point in saying it aloud that our people need re-colonization because of the mind-boggling corruption stories emanating out of Nigeria.


We must say, No, we reject what you all have made our country, “a crime syndicate masquerading as a nation!!!

May 2016 be the year when Nigerians will finally say, enough is enough. We want leadership, not looting; we want lawmakers, not law-breakers; we want equity, not broad-day robbery of the wealth that belongs to millions to be spent on purchasing expensive foreign homes that are just for show to fellow looters and then locked up; we want our youth to be not only employable through quality education but also the financing of  infrastructure that would provide employment for youth.

May this New Year be your year, OUR year, our country’s year. A better and happy New Year, Nigerians.

We have nothing to lose – to borrow a saying that I’ve twisted quite a bit – but the clamp that these people have put on Nigerians’ collective neck IF we challenge their self-entitled actions.

Reference to this story – the portions written in blue & red – are all from PREMIUM TIMES.


FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 2016. 1: 30 a.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “Gimme, gimme: (120 units) 2016 Toyota L/Cruiser, American specs; V8; VXR, 5.7, … with Intelligence – Nigeria’s “lawmakers”! – Tola Adenle”

  1. idagbasoke Says:

    Shame on them. Awon olofo. No roads, no power, no diagnostic tools and they want to spend that much on “American Specs”



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Id.,

      “American specs” for a self-entitled group that cannot point to a single achievement that can be held up to the world as their country’s contribution to the kind of luxury they crave nor, on personal note, to what any of them has contributed to their country’s growth.

      Important point for all Nigerians MINUS NIGERIANS’ OPPRESSORS: action to stop the carnage. Action to show ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      The masses must show their support for Buhari’s action to stop the business-as-usual that is taking job creation and infrastructural development from Nigeria. We must forget that there really is any party that is out to save the country.

      Buhari is the man that MOST NIGERIANS VOTED FOR, NOT APC!




  2. idagbasoke Says:

    Hiss-hiss …..awon olofo (foolish people) Intelligence where there are official dealerships for American specs but more importantly no roads!!!! and no trained mechanics nor diagnostic tools to repair them.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Id.,

      A happy and successful New Year to you and all yours.

      Yes, awon real olofo ati ole – “foolish” and thieves, all who mismanage and misappropriate funds that belong to all and should be used to uplift their countey and countrymen and women from poverty and disdain that hold Nigeria, Africa, nay, people of African descent everywhere.

      Mute points, above because the needed thing now is for Nigerians to rise against this brigandage and not only say, but show that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!




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