President Obama, would Angela Merkel have turned a rare visit by a Holocaust survivor into a dance-fest? A Tao

February 27, 2016

Africa, USA

Tao never misses ANY important story on the condition of The African, here on the continent or in Diaspora, in news elsewhere, or when carried by this blog. And when he does, he makes calls as he sees fit, never calling a spade anything but the real name.

The recent visit of centenarian, Ms. Virginia McLaurin to the White House is even more momentous and historical as to deserve a calling out to the Obamas by Tao on the lack of imagination showed in the type of reception granted the 106-year old woman.

A “dance-fest”/dance-off  was  definitely inappropriate, and not good enough. May be the last minute or so of such a visit to show Ms. Laurin’s is still in very good physical shape …



BLACK LIVES MATTER ??? Black Lives Matter Activists (BMLAs) should be interrupting President Obama and his thoroughly African wife, Michelle.

By American standards, two well-educated and politically-conscious African Americans who frittered away a once in a millennium opportunity for highlighting the past and present suffering of BLACK LIFE, when they gave way to the instincts of the white racists’ Afram caricature by turning the unique ,historic White House visit – a political coup in itself – of a 106 years old African American woman, into a dance hall treat. At a hundred and six years , great grandma, 1910’s life and experiences, must be a rich walking museum or MODEM , storing the pain,agony, humiliations, indeed, the psycho-cultural damages of the African-American mind, presence and personality in the USA.

The occasion should have been deployed effectively for presenting to the world the harrowing experiences of our people in racist USA. It should have been used to open an international campaign for an end to the regular game-hunting, imprisonment and incarceration of Afram youth , in a concentration camp-like culture of drugs and crime, blighted and brutalized, shortened lives of frustration that generally lead youth to great anger,angst and alienation.

Great grandma,born in 1910, has lived through modern America’s consistent and persistent resistance to, and frustrations of all that President Abraham Lincoln preached and led the USA into a civil war to assert and win: that all are born equal.

Grandma 1910’s life is comparable to that of a Jewish holocaust survivor still living in Germany. Imagine Germany’s first German-Jew Chancellor hosting such a woman … WOULD IT BE ABOUT THE FRIVOLITY OF DANCE AND PEDICURE …???

The Obamas imposed a sad censorship on themselves and history by not turning that well-thought out event into an opportunity, every second of it, for mounting an international campaign … TO DEMAND THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER … or did I miss something?


Thanks, Tao. I will put it up to share further because you’ve raised legitimate and very serious issues.

It seems to me that President Obama, sad to say, is merely going through the motions these last days, but even with the Republicans laying ambush at every corner to diminish his accomplishments and put stops at any venture that would add to his legacy, it’s not a pleasure seeing him fritter away opportunities as this with other mundane presidential must-dos in what would be a long goodbye of over 300 days.

The comparison to Ms. Merkle is spot on. The Jews never allow people to forget the holocaust, and rightly so but slavery is far worse than the horrors of it although non-Africans may not see it: millions lost their lives in gas chambers and other forms of inhumane deaths through the barbaric experiments led by an insane man.

Millions of Africans also lost their lives, starting from the Middle Passage to the horrors of the slave auctions and then on to the brutality of slavery in which killings in the hands of slave owners and their employee white crackers were used not just to punish an “offender” slave but to drive sheer terror into survivors on slave plantations.

What legacy of the holocaust can compare to the legacy of slavery on people of African descent in America today, and on Africans on the continent and Diaspora? Simply incomparable.

Thank you for bringing up the story of 106-year old Ms. Virginia McLaurin’s visit to the White House as part of events to mark Black History Month and how the president and Michelle blew the opportunity of more than a life time; they made a grievous mistake that can never be rectified.

My thanks and regards, as always,



BLACK LIVES MATTER activists interrupt Hillary Cinton at private event – February 25, 2016.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2016. 8:05 a.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “President Obama, would Angela Merkel have turned a rare visit by a Holocaust survivor into a dance-fest? A Tao”

  1. Yisa Says:

    I think you are looking at this episode of Virginia McLauren from the lens of an African intellectual who has great ability to convert thought into writing. About USA nothing happens in the W.H. on the fly. Every event is preplanned by subject experts.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Dr. Ajao,

      Sad as your reasoned and experienced response sounds, it really does appear feasible that Tao’s instincts were from the (African) intellectual, and no derogatory intention meant.I guess you are right about the non-space for creativity as regards scheduling as you briefly but succinctly explained could indeed have led to the missed opportunity that led Tao to call out the leader of the free world!

      My regards,



  2. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Hmnn, I think the Obamas from the very first day had heavy burden on their shoulders, expectations were so high not just from Americans, all blacks want a piece of them, I know I do.

    I love that they made the old lady comfortable and had a good dance but I do understand Mr TAO’s points that they should have used the golden opportunity differently.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      I like your take both for and against the Obamas’ reception for Ms. McLaurin: making the old lady feel very comfortable is/was of great importance because as far as Mama was concerned, she had the time of her life; and she did say so. The other side that agreed with Mr. Tao and this blogger can, perhaps, be interpreted as not taking into consideration the heavy burden – and impediments put in Obama’s way by the Republicans.

      Somebody close called me from the States to say Tao is very right but that Obama could not have done otherwise than – in your words – “make the old lady feel comfortable” but that the local chapter of the NAACP – being an event supposedly part of the White House’s Black History Month – should have been in on the visit and actually should have chosen a chaperon for Mama. She reminded me that the late Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat to a white and got the mass bus boycott underway at the start of the civil rights movement, was carefully CHOSEN to act the tired woman who had worked all day as a domestic and was tired. She told me that we should not

      “We must always be very aware of golden opportunities, and should never let them pass without taking advantage of such,” my caller concluded.

      I believe so, too.

      Sincere regards,



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