NIGERIA: Oyo State won’t allow federal grazing reserves in Oyo – Governor Ajimobi

April 27, 2016

General, Nigeria

Following outcries in every corner of Nigeria – except the Fulanis’ Northwest – with regard to killings of farmland owners, devastation of crops by roaming cattle and even kidnapping – all by Fulani herdsmen, the country’s National Assembly has come up with an absurd “solution”: the central (“federal”) government will give Fulanis grazing land all over the country by creating what it calls “special grazing zones” for so-called “traditional cattle rearers”!

Would southerners get allocated land in areas best suited for planting certain crops in the North? Is this the kind of “stepping in” that people who have been waiting for President Buhari to speak out on his fellow Fulanis’ murderous, destructive and self-entitled behaviors in the south will receive? Who are those at the National Assembly who dreamed up this reactionary idea?

Finally, from an eternal cynic on most things pertaining to Nigeria: What will be in it for the so-called “lawmakers” going to be paid to enact this anti-people law?

The kind of “federation” that would allow somebody at Abuja to take the land of people through a decision taken in a sort of smoke-filled room hegemonic “arrangee” – Fela lives – must be stopped.

Why/How could people not be content to restrict their grazing activities to their areas of origin? By the same token, countries in semi-arid regions of the world could, one day, ask other countries through the UN to allocate them land in other countries to graze and farm.

Happily, Oyo’s Governor Ajimobi has said, not-so-fast, mates, to the sheer insanity from a “legislative” body that seems out of touch with reality.


Read the news here:

“Those clamouring for creation of grazing zones across the country should have a rethink. It is against the Land Use Act; it is against the law of natural justice to seize people’s land to cater for someone’s cattle….” – Oyo State’s Governor Ajimobi


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2016. 3:55 p.m. [GMT]

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