NIGERIA: The evil contained in the “National Grazing Reserve Bill”

April 28, 2016

General, Nigeria

The following is excerpted from Femi Fani-Kayode’s STRAIGHT TALK in Read what your so-called elected “representatives” want to do with your birthrights – and theirs which do not matter, though, as their prices are always up – and see where Nigeria is quickly sliding down to. I have not stopped checking about the subject since I read Oyo’s Governor Ajimobi’s not-in-my-backyard fiat, including Soyinka’s advice to Buhari on his continued leadership of Nigeria. TOLA.


I decided to read a copy of the National Grazing Reserve Bill and I was surprised at what I saw.


The Bill creates a commission to be chaired by a Chairman to be appointed by the president, to be confirmed by the senate.

The commission   shall have the power to take your land anywhere the land is located in the country and then pay you compensation. Your land, when taken, shall be assigned to herdsmen who shall use your land for grazing purposes. They shall bring cows to the land and you shall lose the land permanently to those   cattlemen.

If you feel that the commission was not right to take your land, you can go to court but before you go to court, you must first of all notify the federal attorney general of your intention to sue the commission. Apart from notifying, you must get the consent and authority of the Federal Attorney General before you can sue.

If the Attorney General refuses to give his consent to the suit, you have lost your land forever to the herdsmen. And this law, when passed, shall apply to the whole country so it means that your land in the village or anywhere is not  safe.

The National Grazing Reserve Commission would have the power to take away your land from you anytime they want and pay you whatever they want as compensation (even when you don’t want to sell, and remember that for you to get compensation, you must have documents showing or proving ownership).

So I think that we all in the South West, South South and South East must rise up and reject this Bill. We must do all things to force our national Assembly members from passing that bill into law.

That bill is a deliberate attempt to take our lands and hand the land over to the Fulani cattlemen since it is only the Fulanis that rear cattle in Nigeria.

That law, when passed, shall fulfill the directive of Uthman Dan Fodio and other northern leaders to take over other parts of Nigeria. I implore you to use all available means to implore your senator and Rep not to pass that law. That law will destroy Nigeria.

All over the world, ranches are established and used to rear cattle. The farmers buy land and put their cattle there. There is no country where the land of the citizens are compulsorily acquired and given to others.

This is evil, and designed to faFemivor the Fulanis where the President comes from. We must resist the passage of that bill into law to save Nigeria, and to protect our future generations”. My conclusion? This is Yugoslavia and Rwanda unfolding right here in Nigeria.




THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016. 8:44 p.m. [GMT]

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3 Comments on “NIGERIA: The evil contained in the “National Grazing Reserve Bill””

  1. Vincent London Says:


    Look, I had to read through the observations of the following authors like Chief Arthur Nwankwu 30th April 2014, Mr. Clement Udegbe touched on the 7 parts of the Bill; Damilola Oyedele, Mr. Remo Omokrei and E. O. Eke to mention just these few.

    I have the aghast and repulsive feeling why, why should a group of people think this way about what we need to do in Nigeria to engender good, encouraging and healthy co-existence for the people? Any observer outside Nigeria – non Nigerian would tell you the intention of the Bill is clearly to take over the country Nigeria through stealth and subterfuge policies!

    The astonishing aspect of it is that all those writing and struggling in the Southern part of Nigeria to represent groups and or sections of the country do not seem to know what is happening even to themselves about this matter. it goes to confirm my own observations about ‘State of Affairs in Nigeria!” thus: – Nigeria a ‘Conundrum’, Nigeria in a QUANDARY afflicting even the PhD holders and the most crucial – Who can unravel the problems posed in Nigeria?

    Surprising that from the time of the civil war to the present situation in Nigeria, the group you think know what is happening – the intrigues and conspiracies do not quite see into the future of Nigeria! They probably do am told but for that Head start euphoria or ambition their visions tend to be really obscured otherwise if they are familiar with what is reported about this Grazing Bill – the cons in particular, you wonder why on earth they should get to the length they have all these years about the politics and the Union of Nigeria even at the point there was indication for you people to go your separate ways or as it stand now ‘ – for ‘Federated Arrangement’ for the people so as to make it possible for the composite groups to develop as their nature wants them!

    This is where I get confused – I mean not quite, but considering the number of PhD holders in Nigeria, I wondere why all these are happening and they do not seem to see it clearly!

    It is not surprising that we are about witnessing the pitfalls and dangers in this Bill for Nigeria.

    Think about the obvious implications about this Bill if it gets through – you can see why the number of representations in Nigeria from the North all of who Muslims even though you have Christians in the North in substantial numbers yet no regard is paid about them in the political leadership cadre as they have chosen to do to (regard) the people of Eastern Region origin and they are Nigerians!

    Think about the drafting, phraseology and how the Constitution, the Electoral Act of Nigeria is couched even the said or proposed ‘Grazing Bill’ all in favour of the North and the owners of the cows are private people suggesting’sharecropping’.

    They control your Gas and Oil Blocks, in control of the NASS, in majority as the last election now discloses such that approval of this Grazing Bill would be a done deal when it gets to the floors of the National Assembly Houses because your representatives do not quite understand what is happening Nigeria even about them, and then they – the herdsmen even though we are told and it is evident that they are not all Nigerians, will take over your lands by this obnoxious and treacherous Bill!

    Worse is that the group in the South-West, who think that they know it all don’t even know what is in the packages like the ‘Trojan Horse Gift’- you heard Fani-Kayode tell us recently – just last week or so, how they have gone dangerously to get President Obama’s men involved in Nigeria’s politics paying the aides involved over $10 Million and they are talking about corruption – we may well be told how the money was raised and from whose Bank Account id the fee come from, folks! See my website;

    Like that child crying profoundly and pointing a finger in a direction write the truth so that when they read/see it, they’ll be filled with wonderment; that hasn’t happened to them in Nigeria. The reasons are not far-fetched understanding the reasons for the idea in ‘grazing fields’ for herdsmen including opportunity to infiltrate your privacies also!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Umenyi,

      You do raise some important points here, and I’m sure most in the South and Middle Belt will agree with your contention that the Grazing Bill will be a backdoor to take over other people’s land.

      To borrow words from our state governor down here in Oyo, “it’s not going to happen.”




      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear NaijaMum,

        To Him be all the glory that we are able to survive the many problems of living in Nigeria no matter the challenges thrown in our collective way by the so-called leaders but one thing we must know is that we must not throw everything back at God who gave us all brains to think.

        Most of these “leaders” and more like them would still come as long as we accept whatever balls they lob at us. Most belong in jail and, pardon me, many deserve to lose more than the properties/money looted.

        As for those “herdsmen” and their employers, they deserve legal actions each time their cattle cause losses or fatal accidents like the one that happened this past week on Lagos “expressway”.

        Sincere regards,


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