How Nigeria’s Accountant General deceived VP Osinbajo, governors; ₦324 billion oil money unaccounted for – Exclusive

The amounts looted/stolen/lost in Nigeria keep piling up from almost-daily revelations: missing [recovered] Abacha loot; unremitted oil revenues; billions from “Dasukigate” …

Nigeria’s Accountant-General of President Jonathan’s Administration was Mr. Jonathan Ogunniyi Otunla. TOLA.


The total remittance for the period of 2011 to June 2015 was ₦3,494,675,032,256.

But PREMIUM TIMES’ analyses of the figures revealed that for 2012 and 2013, the sums of ₦143,069,400,000 and ₦80,999,973,000 were not captured in the report either as amounts paid into FAAC or withheld by NNPC.

This mystery continued in 2014 and 2015 as ₦85,601,900,000 and ₦13,908,374,982 were also unreported either as amount paid into FAAC or withheld by NNPC.

Naturally, the amount paid into Federation account and that withheld by NNPC should equal the crude oil revenue for each year. But that was not the case with the OAGF report.



EXCLUSIVE: How Nigeria’s Accountant General deceived VP Osinbajo, governors; ₦324 billion oil money unaccounted for


TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016. 6:05 a.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “How Nigeria’s Accountant General deceived VP Osinbajo, governors; ₦324 billion oil money unaccounted for – Exclusive”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    It is clear that if sorting out the nation’s financial mess is the only job President Buhari and his administration were able to do properly this year – that would be a huge relief to all Nigerians.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi,

      Indeed, it would be a monumental achievement! It is then we can move forward because billions and billions of US DOLLARS/POUNDS are in the hands of these looters while we are scrounging for comparative pittance as loans all over the place.

      A friend told me she spent N5,000 – yes, five thousand Naira – for peppers for soup the other day; she’ll need more now because that was around a week ago. I saw with my own eyes yesterday; it’s incredible.

      I remember President Buhari’s words from a year ago when the subsidy scam was being aired: “how will workers be able to feed their family …?”

      Now, the EXPERTS/TECHNOCRATS… have convinced and converted him.

      Sincere regards,

      Liked by 1 person


  2. Timothy Otunla Says:

    Your neighbor I believe and no relation of mine … MAY HAVE LET THE NAME DOWN EVEN MORE THAN THIS REVELATION WOULD SUGGEST.

    Those who have brought or caused harm of any kind or any form of loss to the Nigerian people and state must be punished.

    For me, restitution is not half enough. Measured punishment, here and now,if raw people’s justice is not to be invoked. tao

    Sent from my iPad




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Tao,

      These people have let all of us down, dragged Nigeria’s – and THEIR own names in the mud and taken food off families’ tables; stolen more than books off students’ desks; impoverished millions; prevented hospitals from being built …

      One just hopes the system does not wait till people resort to “raw” justice.

      All anyone has to do is go to the market and check out how things have become so expensive they are out of reach of even the so-called middle class which is on the way to extinction.

      My regards,



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