Very well said, Emir Sanusi – Tao

May 27, 2016


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4 Comments on “Very well said, Emir Sanusi – Tao”

  1. Adenle S.A. Says:

    This is a modern age! If the Hausa/Fulani will learn to be wise, they should forget that their Jaguda Supremacy!!

    At least they could not contain ordinary Boko Haram!!!

    To Keep Nigeria one is A WISDOM THAT MUST BE APPLIED!!!!
    At Least Danfodio and all they stood for was not able to even manage an ordinary British man called Fredrick Luggard !!!!!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Adenle,

      Thanks for this.

      Most would agree with the idea of an obsolete belief in a supremacy built and nurtured from the position the Hausa/Fulani found themselves via the duplicitous British. Worse, they did not – or were not – able to manage the advantageous position: a general disdain for education, lack of humility, respect and civility to others in the hybrid country …

      Let’s all wait and see what Emir Sanusi would do in his new role as a traditional ruler. Will he continue to thumb his nose at calls for restructuring Nigeria or will he see “wisdom”, to borrow your word, in working towards a truly-unified country that can only come into being if each part of the federating units that make up Nigeria get their fair share?

      Indeed, Boko Haram will do more harm – as it has been doing – to the North than to the South even if that is comfort.

      Sincere regards,



  2. Timothy Otunla Says:

    E kale o ayaba, . Thanks for carrying this essay.
    …Tola, dear, please note earlier request. Mo kun f’ope o, Olori. Ka ji l’ayo, o … tao

    Sent from my iPad




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