Nigeria: What’s going on with voices from the core North suddenly calling for “a restructured Nigeria”? – Tola Adenle

June 3, 2016


What is going on here in Nigeria?

Or, to quote the opening of a piece by a member of an online discussion group,  a short piece he wrote months ago but re-circulated among the group on the recent phenomenon of reactionaries suddenly becoming progressives – at least, in utterances:

“First, Aliko Mohammed, now ATIKU,  the trees of the Sokoto Caliphate hegemonist forest are moving. Are we being set up?  Can this diversion be taken seriously?   Forward to true federalism based on the power of resource control …”

Tao goes further by warning of the need for vigilance:

“Beware though,  Atiku is one of the rotten pillars of the rickety construct which many honest and hard working Nigerians are toiling to make great.” [Emphasis blogger’s.]

Atiku calling for a truly federal government where real patriots like retired Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi, Wole Soyinka, retired Army General Akinrinade … are not dismissed as “working for the break up of our country”; and the same guy calling for an end to

a “… federal government [that] is too big and too powerful relative to the federating units”?

As that old popular ungrammatical saying goes, things are getting curiouser and curiouser!

And Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, though not the biggie Arewa Consultative Forum, does have “Arewa” in its name. At a protest led to some embassies, Baby Arewa is reported to have said:

The National Secretary, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Ahmed Suleiman, said, “We are calling for the restructuring of Nigeria because that is the only thing that will set us on the right path. We think the 2014 confab report would provide ample guidance for the restructuring of the country.”  

What action/words would be the equivalent of apostacy?


“But it’s good to hear Atiku talk about political restructuring and fiscal policy. That kind of thought is good whether he is sincere about it or it is in the light of the 2019 presidency.’’

(Retired) Lt.-General Alani Akinrinade

Atiku’s Damascene proportion fire-breathing seemingly desperate revelation:

“Greater autonomy, power and resources for state and local authority will give the federations units greater freedom and flexibility to address local issues for their priorities and peculiarities. It will reduce the premium placed on capturing power at the centre. It will reduce insecurity. It will promote healthy rivalry amongst federations units.”

Read more at:

AND THE PROTESTS TO EMBASSIES that got motley groups suddenly wanting the same thing – restructuring – for Nigeria for the same purposes despite of some coming from pasts of being permanently opposed to any change in a status quo that bodes nothing well for Nigeria:

Groups protest at embassies, demand Nigeria’s restructuring


Well, I feel the same suspicion about Atiku and all the sudden seeming agreement in position with what Yorubas and many southerners have always asked for.

Nkan t’o wa l’okè, ilẹ̀ l’o nbọ̀ – whatever is up will surely come down eventually but better still in these circumstances:

Whatever is brewing in the evil cauldron that has held Nigeria and the people down who have always worked assiduously for the growth and development of this country, will soon bubble over.



THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2016. 1:40 a.m. [GMT]

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