US Elections 2016 (8): Superdelegates catapult Clinton to the winning mark – Tola Adenle

June 7, 2016


Caveat emptor is in order right here: Blog visitors who have read 1- 6 in this series know where this blogger stands in the Hillary vs. Bernie face-off in the Democratic Primaries. This essay, though, is based on facts and figures in the public domain.

Who are these Democratic Party members dubbed superdelegates?

Democratic superdelegates are free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination. This contrasts with convention “pledged” delegates who are selected based on the party primaries and caucuses in each U.S. state, in which voters choose among candidates for the party’s presidential nomination. Because they are free to support anyone they want, superdelegates could potentially swing the results to nominate a presidential candidate who did not receive the majority of votes during the primaries. [Wikipedia]

While the Dems’ strategy of deciding on superdelegates was supposed to avert the kind of death-wish situation that the Republicans should have seen coming in their straight-from-Dante’s inferno presidential flag bearer, Donald Trump: a means of over-riding a not good-enough candidate coming through the primary process, the whole process seems to be blowing up in the Democrats’ collective face no matter what happens next.

Now, I have no tears to shed for the Republicans whose m.o. from Obama’s Day One in office was one of – let’s put it mildly – cutting their collective nose to spite their collective face: they were determined to make sure Obama’s victory to the U.S. presidency did not end up being one of great achievements! The ascendancy of the “Tea Party” that derailed McCain’s presidential dream for good through the ill-advised/ill-conceived choice of Sarah Palin for vice-president was the beginning of what led to someone like Donald Trump riding a racist campaign pilot-less train through to the flag-bearer candidacy of the party. It’s the GOP’s worst nightmare but they must take their elixir, racism, that Republicans’ have thrived on since 2008.

The Republicans did deliver on their promise NOT to let Obama govern with any cooperative hand. The current situation the two major parties has now found themselves, is self-inflicted.

Before the gun went off for the start of the primaries, Hillary had already started raking in superdelegates, and by yesterday June 6, a date that had been in the news as the date that Hillary would achieve the number needed to become the nominee,


she had raked in more than 570 superdelegates to Bernie’s less-than 50! Hillary also got more than a li’l help from the party machinery operated by Debbie Wasserman, the Dems’ Chair who is now the scapegoat of – pardon me because the word isn’t coming easily out of me – systemic rigging in places like New York where hundreds of thousands of names were removed/took walks/erased (?) from the voter list.

Why, a reader in Nigeria or Singapore, India or even the very “civilized” Western nations of Sweden, France … who read this blog may wonder, would the Associated Press announce a winner before the Democratic Party did so? The Democrats knew and know that the Convention – if no decisive victory by either candidate – is the appropriate place to find out.

Well, in America let’s face it apart from the Debbie Wassermans of America’s political parties, THE real kingmakers are JOURNALISTS.

While Hillary might have played along for a few moments that her team still got work to do because it wasn’t over in California …, it must be noted that over a week ago, she was reported as dismissing the primaries for those states, that there was nothing anyone could do to change the result … the end for Bernie’s political revolution is near.

Clinton remains a “winner” no matter what hell Bernie may raise; she will be the party’s flag bearer through what has been worse than an untidy and very unfair process. The quartering of Bernie is also near.

Why did Bernie Sanders NOT run as the Independent he’d been in the Senate? He could have seen the betrayal coming.  After Bernie’s years of voting WITH the Democrats in the Senate, did Hilllary not say on the campaign trail that he “is not even a Democrat”!

Hillary will walk down Pennsylvania Avenue come January as the President of the United States with, perhaps, the least number of votes in modern history because Republicans – who have finished their party’s chances for years to come – will stay home, Bernie’s millions may stay away from the polls OR, worse, vote for Trump in protest.

Hillary Clinton, a historical victory in hand, would be the less-liked – more than less-hated of two equally-despised candidates by the two major parties. Meanwhile, Presidential elections, as far as the two major political parties are concerned, are not likely to ever be the same again.The next election cycle will see strong Independent candidate.

Totals by group

Distinguished party leaders Governors Senators Representatives DNC members Totals
Hillary Clinton 15 19 41 173 296 544
Bernie Sanders 1 0 2 9 35 47
Martin O’Malley 0 0 0 0 0 0
No endorsement 4 2 4 11 103 124
Totals 20 21 47 193 434 715

Note: Democrats Abroad Superdelegates are assigned half-votes; each of them accounts for ½ rather than 1 in the table above.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2016. 11:07 p.m. [GMT]

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