Nigeria’s Osun State moving towards chaos as Christian students dress in religious garments! – Tola Adenle

June 14, 2016

General, Nigeria

Students of Baptist High School, Iwo wearing Christian garments to school

“Students” pose/posture in photograph at school gate [Premium Times]

Displaying IMG-20160617-WA0014.jpgOSUN STUDENTS 2016egungu

“Students” dressed in their egúngún – masquerade – outfits on way to “school” in Osun in response to Muslim females wearing hijab

Students of Baptist High School, Iwo wearing Christian Garments to school

A classroom at Iwo Baptist High School [Premium Times]

With news reports showing some Christian students wearing religious garments, the stage is gradually being set for chaos in the state’s school system, a situation that most students would enjoy.

Unfortunately, students,especially in secondary (high) schools in Nigeria are not interested in learning these days, a situation brought about by lack of supervision at home and a school environment that has become highly unsuitable for learning.

With the state’s judicial system ruling that female students have the “fundamental rights” to wear the Muslim hijab to schools, the Christian Association of Nigeria has also assumed a belligerent stand, insisting that:

“This declaration violates the religious right of the original owners of the missionary schools as agreed upon when the schools were taken over by the then government of Oyo State in 1975.”

As students, who must be taking the whole confusion as a big joke entered school wearing cassocks, chorister robes … there were reportedly Catholic, Baptist and some other Christian parents on hand at Iwo, a city in the state who told reporters:
“We are here to ensure that no student is send (sic) back home from school,” – Head of the Catholic Bloc of CAN in Iwo, Paul Olagoke.

This is a very unfortunate situation, especially for the students who are the ones – along with their long-suffering and mostly poor parents – that will suffer in this show of force between the governor and the mission school owners: not the governor whose term will end and he will move on, not the mission school proprietors who cannot win against government, and definitely not journalists, parents with their kids in private schools and others.

It is hoped that he who has all the power to stem the impending total chaos, the governor of Osun State, Aregbesola, will take the students’ interest to heart and allow Muslim students, whose parents knew their children were posted to Christian schools where hijab was not part of the uniforms, to go back to the  status quo. 

A return of schools to the proprietors as Ajimobi in Nigeria’s Oyo State has started is not only the answer to this problem which started in Osun recently because it should bring peace but it will relieve the state of heavy burden on education although it MUST pay teachers what it owes in salary arrears.


And a December 2002 essay by this blogger for her weekly essays for The Comet on Sunday which was posted on this blog as –

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016. 9:45 p.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “Nigeria’s Osun State moving towards chaos as Christian students dress in religious garments! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Says:

    My darling Iyawo, a good write up.
    Ẹ ku iṣẹ na.




  2. F Bakare Says:

    The situation in Osun State is very sad. The government of Aregbesola planted this seed of discord due to his thoughtless and bad education policy. The religious groups have been living in harmony before he mixed the schools together. The best thing for him now is to return schools back to the former owners as has been done in some States of the Federation. at least the Catholic and Baptist Missions had shown willingness to have their schools back. If this is done, apart from solving this problem of wearing uniforms based on religious beliefs, it will also relieve the government of extra financial burden.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks very much for this contribution coming, as it is, from –

      1. A practising Moslem who
      2. Attended a Catholic secondary school

      where you got solid education decades ago.

      In Yorubaland, religion has never been so contentious to divide Christians and Moslem as to generate hate. There are many families with, perhaps the exception of Ekiti people, that have Muslim and Christian families. In such families, members celebrate Christmas, Easter visiting and dining together just as they did and still do at Id Il Fitr and Greater Beiram.

      I look at the faces of those kids wearing garments given to them by adults and wonder if the Osun State’s governor sees what is written on these faces and their hearts: a seed of fear and hate that will also germinate in Muslim students, kids, who are mere pawns in the hands of politicians.

      May be Yoruba elders should gather on a trip to appeal to Governor Aregbesola with a view to appeasing him to shelve this road to religious chaos in Yorubaland.

      Sincere regards,



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