Worsening an already-lopsided judiciary appointments, the North gets two new nominees to Nigeria’s Supreme Court! – Tola Adenle

July 21, 2016

General, Nigeria


As the information to be posted here is related to an earlier essay, and before starting this, I therefore clicked on the url for And yet, still, the National Question: President Buhari & the growing charges of nepotism/sectionalism posted here on July 6, 2016 –

to check on the list of all past Chief Justices of Nigeria since records started being kept which was before the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, I clicked on CJs under JUDICIARY, as below. It took me to the pdf list I posted which shows –

List of Chief Justices Source: Federal Judicial Service Commission, Nigeria

as my source  information for a list that readers can also access doing the same thing. However, clicking “Source …   Nigeria” will take readers to

This Account has been suspended.

Contact your hosting provider for more information.


Here’s an excerpt from the July 6 essay that is related to today’s information:

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Mahmud Mohammed (North). 

It is worth noting that since the end of late Chief Justice Ayo Gabriel Irikefe’s (present-day Edo State) term in 1987 after two years – a period of almost 30 years, and tenures of 8 different CJs, including the tenure of the current CJ, NO SOUTHERNER HAS BEEN APPOINTED TO HEAD THE APEX COURT. In Nigeria, far more (in number and experience) legal professionals exist in the south than in the north.

It is also noteworthy that Nigeria’s first female CJ of the Supreme Court, retired Ms. Aloma Mariam Muktar is from Kano State (North) while the first (and present) female President of Nigeria’s Courts of Appeal,  Justice Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa, born in 1950 and called to Nigeria’s bar in 1976 is also from the (North).

LIST OF CJs since Nigeria came into being:

To get to the list, please visit the July 6 post and scroll down to JUDICIARY, then click on CJs.

Add two new names just submitted for confirmation by the Senate today, Thursday, July 21 to all the above and Nigeria’s situation at the country’s apex court becomes very troubling:

Justice Ejembi Eko                     Benue State (Northerner)

Justice Amina Augie                  Kebbi State (Northerner)



After I could no longer access the information online and considering I’m near zero in the ways of the web, I called one of the younger people I know who is a whizkid in the States what I was doing wrong and if he could help me sort it out. “You can’t, Ma but I will …”

THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016. 7:50 p.m. [GMT]








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