2016 US Elections (10): Hillary Clinton becomes first woman presidential candidate of a US major party – Tola Adenle

July 27, 2016


It’S Hillary Clinton for the History books as she won the nomination battle that had gone on for months between him and Vermont’s Senator Bernie SandersMfor the Democratic Party’s ticket for president.

A second day of the 4-day anointing process which many had feared would be chaotic because of Sanders’ supporters who were unwilling to let go due to a late Wikileak expose that showed their candidate might have been deprived of the nomination due to electoral shenanigan during the primary, a dirty game that Bernie and his millions of his supporters had known and fought back against months ago – was an orderly and rancour-free process.

Indeed, it was democracy at play, a process that ended with Sanders’ Vermont skipping its turn at the traditional roll call so that he, as well as his many supporters in and out of the convention hall, could get not just their recognition but a process that allowed all the delegate numbers the Senator scored in each stateMcould go into the History books.

When Sanders eventually got up along with his almost two thousand delegates he won – against Clinton’S 2000-plus, the convention hall was already full of excitement. Even though the tally of delegates was not shown to delegates, but it was a known fact that Hillary already had the total to win the nomination.

Bernie Sander had led an unbelievable long shot but Ended up with over 13 million primary votes and won for himself and his millions of his supporters a collective seat at the Democratic Party’s quadrennial celebration of choosing a nominee.

AND Bernie, as his adoring supporters Call him, ensuredthat the good of the country and the party was paramount with a firm focus on what was imminent danger if the Republican nominee is allowed to win if the Democrats did not bury the hatchet.

Bernie was the person who nominated Hillary while Voices rose as one in acclamation to secondthe motion.

It was a day that started with trepidation for many but ended withacceptance for Bernie’s supporters, at least most of them, a day that ended with courage, dignity and praise for Bernie; And for Hillary, a triumphant day Of glory as she heads for the biggest prize: The First Woman President of the United States, a great day for women the world over.

Check out the story of 102-years old Ms. Jerry Emmet who Was born before
American women got the vote. In as strong a voice as could be expected of a centenarian, Jerry announced Arizona’s 51 Of 85 delegates for Hillary ClintonWom she supported from the beginning. Ms.Emmetattended one of Hillary’s Campaigns earlier this year and she walked to the rally, though aided.

Susan B. Anthony one of the earliest suffragettes,a woman whose image is immortaliNthzed on a silver dollar, must be smiling and nodding in admiration.

http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2016/07/22/jerry-emmett:20 a.m. [-hillary-clinton-women/87308450/R
Tuesday, July 27, 2016. 1.28 p.m. [GMT]


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