2016 US Elections (12): Dinosaur-era Walmart board guys, where are you now that Hilllary is on her way …?

July 29, 2016




In the 1990s, this snazzy Tee was initially pulled from Walmart racks – wait for it – because it “goes against Walmart’s family values”!

Check out the story of the relic from the past [at the end] brought out now that Hillary Clinton is on her way to taking America to where many countries around the world, especially two First World countries have already been: the UK with her second female leader, Theresa May, and Germany’s Angela Merkel making giant strides for their countries.


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With the invigorating and refreshing Democratic Convention these past few days, the old [cigarette for females] Virginia Slims Ad: “… you’ve come a long way, baby” despite the fact that I’ve never smoked, and I actually hated quite a few of the ads because they were very patronizing. The copy is however very true that women in America have definitely come a long way.

This septuagenarian blogger was just in her early teenage years when Sirimavo Bandaranaike became Ceylon/Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister in 1960, a feat that would subsequently be achieved by many women: Indira Gandhi in 1966; Golda Meier in 1969, Margaret Thatcher a decade later and many others since then, a list that include, surprisingly, quite a few from the developing world.

The phenomenon – no more apt word – of paying women less than men – is surprisingly Western. Even in Third World countries, and I will cite an example with which I am very familiar, Nigeria – an African country – does not have such anomaly. In government at all levels, and in the private sector at least at major set-ups where “salary scales” exist, salaries are determined on basis of educational qualifications and experience.

It is a well-known fact that the practice of less-recognition of female employment and female legal rights in Nigeria was an imported product of the British Colonialists. While Nigeria is a conglomerate of different nationalities with different values, norms and practices in many regards, women in the mostly-Christian Southern part of the country always had legal rights that they lost after the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914. Nigerian women, especially from the country’s southwestern part, certainly lost ground in matters of property rights under the colonial “English” legal system.

What has held the US back from being ahead of the Sri Lankas, the Indias, the Central African Republics, the Pakistans … of the political world  is beyond the scope of this short post. And it has not been for lack of trying on women’s part.

Suffragettes march with the green, white and purple

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Suffice it to say that Clinton’s election, comes November, would not be happening a day too soon.

FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016. 5:10 p.m. [GMT]

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