Nigeria: All education sector agencies headed by Hausa/Fulani Moslems –

August 4, 2016

Faith, Nigeria

Buhari's Islamization of Nigeria


Below are the recent appointments in core Nigerian education departments and sectors, according to Hope For Nigeria. Link to story at the bottom.

1] Head of Universities: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.

2] Head of Polytechnics: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
3] Head of Colleges of Education: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
4] Head of TETFUND: Hausa/Fulani Muslim..
5] Head of JAMB: Professor of Arabic studies – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
6] Head of UBEC: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
7] Head of NABTEB: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
8] Head of NTI: Hausa/Fulani Muslim.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 04, 2016. 5:36 p.m. [GMT]





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4 Comments on “Nigeria: All education sector agencies headed by Hausa/Fulani Moslems –”


    In wars, propaganda is a very important tool of winning. Military men are not only taught how to win wars using thousands of unethical tactics, they are taught how to tell lies. Pure lies! The culture of lying has become a trade within paramilitary organisations like The police, Immigration officials, etc.

    The mafioso-like political organisation called “One North” has been in existence far back to Nigerian beginning. We all know the military has been their source of power. They never relented because they have shown they play and understand politics better than the South in entirety.

    In my own opinion, nothing has changed and I don’t think anything shall change soonest. The best we shall be told is that they are patriots working to build Nigeria. The wealthy Generals are all patriots. Are they?

    Unfortunately, we refused to table and ask these important questions about knotty issues of the past, prior to election. We were all told the messianic qualities that an individual has. We seemed to forget that every human has peculiar shortcomings that can be satanic if not properly checkmated.

    The Hausa Fulani has begun rebuilding and refortifying their strength while undermining those of other nationalities in the South. So far, many Nigerians are still in denial of the prevailing realities. Statistics as you have just posted will always tell the truth. The rays of hope in my opinion is that, despite the many shortcomings hinged on the past federal administration, the regime was able to forcefully insert technology mechanisms unto governance such as publishing government expenditures, making electronic thumb-printing part of Nigerian citizenship; initiating registration for voting to be via electronic thumb-printing; initiating the Single Treasury Accounting system; convoking a national discourse widely acclaimed as the best so far; etc.

    In my opinion, in a matter of time, the Hausa Fulani shall dribble themselves unto national disgrace for all to see. Then, it may be journey of no return. So, there’s still hope.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yemi,

      Thanks very much for this about which I’m almost in full accord. I’m unaware, though, of any ‘national discourse’ convoked by Buhari unless it happened in the last couple of weeks when I tuned out of Nigerian news. That would be surprising though great news!

      How long would we have to wait for a group of people who are supposed to be “fellow country men and women” to us all to “dribble themselves to national disgrace” and, pray, what is shame or “disgrace” in Nigeria relative to the damage that is being done?

      Is the Constitution – if it’s worth anything anymore – not being breached with impunity by this president?

      Remember the last topic of the discussion group is “National Conference/Restructuring”? Without it, Buhari or any other president would continue to strut their stuff: ethnocentric and nepotistic appointments while a so-called third arm of government lies comatose except when money to flow their collective way comes up.

      Nigeria’s so-called lawmakers are a collective disgrace to themselves and to Nigeria.





        Hello ma,

        All the innovations that I posted were initiated by GEJ-led administration. I am yet to hear of a SINGLE one from the present administration. President Buhari has openly disagreed with the need for any restructuring. So, he never convoked any discourse. Time will tell if GEJ was truly a weak and clueless president as many have alleged considering the environment he found himself.

        Is our VP today operating independently as a Constitutionally- empowered VP? Can he boldly confront the President on any knotty issue and stand his ground in any cabinet meeting?

        GEJ openly dared the North by convoking that national discourse. It was the final move to permanently- checkmate NEPOTISM from the 3 majority hegemonies holding other Nigerians to ransom.

        No wonder all the military arms of the hegemonies closed ranks to cage him(GEJ) from building a formidable followership. How come the arrowhead of corruption in GEJ government till date is another Hausa-Fulani prince? How come the most talked-about corruption cache, upon which GEJ is demonized happened in early 2015 despite the fact that GEJ had been in power since 2009? Where are the acts of GEJ corruptible tendencies in the earlier 6 solid years?

        GEJ consciously told the world,”stealing is not corruption”; we all laughed and yelled! Just 2 days ago, Gov. Ajimobi of Oyo reiterated the same and no one said anything.

        GEJ administration saw the big corruption watershed from NEPOTISM and POPULATION LIES. He therefore systematically pursued and initiated those electronic initiatives to scientifically checkmate the power of Nepotistic North. They realized and quickly formed a coalition to remove him.

        Fifth Columnists in GEJ Administration included present Kano Emir Sanusi and former NSA Dasuki. They did marvelous job to return power to the North as quickly as possible.

        Perhaps, they would have opted for a coup option but for the SHOCKING emergence of Niger Delta militants. Obviously, the militants must have been empowered tactically by GEJ using Diezani [former Petroleum Minister] as source of funding. But, for this move, perhaps GEJ would have been history a long time ago.

        Yet, many of us tagged him clueless; how wrong we were! We only needed to logically analyze the strange circumstances of murder of General Patrick Aziza, a GEJ kinsman, in another of many Nigeria’s shady air (helicopter) crashes to understand the deployment of military intrigues for coveting and holding unto power.

        The story continues but many Nigerians, particularly, we the victims from the south, care not to bother. Aunty Tola, you have refused to be deceived as shown by the lists of information justifying pure nepotism (records) in your archive of recent. Records speak volume to ONLY those who can interpret. Others will continue to play the pawn fiddle.

        The political game goes on. When shall we wake up from our political slumber?


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Yẹmi,

        More than a little to chew on here!

        Thanks for the clarification. Oh, yes, Jonathan did EVENTUALLY convoke a discourse but after he did, he put the recommendations away, perhaps at the behest of – or to please – the same Fifth Columnists AND their constituency in the feudal North. He erroneously believed – which would justify ‘cluelessness’ often slapped on him – that since the Hausa/Fulani constituency has never wanted it, he would be in their favor.

        How mistaken! By the time he saw the handwriting on the wall about re-election and started running around, he seemed to remember a document that would perhaps not only have handed him re-election but would have saved Nigeria from what millions, including me, thought was a Buhari dying for a comeback to lead Nigeria out of the corruption cesspool and write his name in gold in Nigeria’s history books.

        Jonathan would have won the South handily as well as much of the Middle Belt but all that assumed the AC Party would have remained as there would, or should not have been any need for all the ridiculous motley reactionary crowd joining to form the APC. Retired General Buhari’s CP would never have come into play … but all those are now 20/20 vision.

        As for the reference to the VP, we might as well cry ourselves hoarse on the whole of the APC at “federal” level: a real disaster in the real sense of the word after all the effort and planning … and massive Southern turnout for voting!

        What next? I wish one knows, but what I do believe that this planned total take-over of the country by a single ethnic group is bound to fail. The so-called ‘non-negotiable’ unity wished for a long time by the Hausa/Fulani group and willed/enabled by the likes of retired General Obasanjo, will fall apart like the tattered rags of cattlemen.

        Thanks, and regards,


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