Nigeria’s former President, Dr. Jonathan parading as a role model in Zambia? – A blog commentator

August 15, 2016



A promise NOT kept to his homeland. [Credit:]


Jonathan in Zambia?  In parading Jonathan as a role model and arbiter on the altar of democracy, Nigeria,  nay Africa, is confirming to the world its low self-esteem, and even lower standards of expectation in leadership.

News that Former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will lead the African Union Elections Observation Mission, AUEOM, to the Zambian August general elections is a shame to Nigeria and Africa.

Nigeria and Africa are exhibiting to a world still watching as Nigeria flounders, a warped understanding of the virtues and values that drove and continue to propel modernism as we allow Okonjo-Iweala, and now, Jonathan to appear and be presented  as leaders and role models.

Can we expect Dizeani to appear at the next OPEC summit telling us how to launder oil proceeds?

What tragicomic shame!!


MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016. 3:55 a.m. [GMT]






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2 Comments on “Nigeria’s former President, Dr. Jonathan parading as a role model in Zambia? – A blog commentator”

  1. bisisowunmig Says:

    Just imagine! How very utterly fallacious, and yes, a “tragicomic shame”.
    It’s a cheeky slap on the face of Nigerians who have standards AND SHAME!!

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