Nigeria’s Islamic extremists strike again as 8 students are burnt alive for “blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed” – Tola Adenle

August 23, 2016

Faith, Nigeria

Islamic terrorism continue to grow in Nigeria as Christians are being killed in Northern Nigeria for no reason beyond targeted people being Christians. There have been reported killing of Christians that are not from the Boko Haram extremists in different states in the North, a situation that has increased in the past year.

Bridget Agbahime,a pastor’s wife who sells kitchen utensils in a Kano (Northern Nigeria) open market, was tired of a Muslim who was engaging in Islamic “ritual cleansing” right in front of her shop and finally told the “Alhaji”so; she asked the man to move his ritual away from her shop front. The man did not heed and on June 2, Bridget went to her market stall with her husband to meet with the “market landlord” to resolve the persistent headache the “Alhaji” posed to his wife.

As the “market landlord” was meeting with the husband and wife, the “Alhaji” returned with a Muslim crowd that claimed Bridget must die for alleged blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed. When the “market landlord” tried to intervene, the crowd, now a mob, started to chant “Allahu Akbar” – God is great – and as they started to stone the “market landlord” he fled the scene.  The pastor, who tried to protect his wife, was no match for the irate mob even with the aid of a reported few policemen. His wife had knelt and prayed as she was clubbed to death with the “God is great” chant which must have wrung in the woman’s ears as she died.

That would not be a first for alleged “blasphemy” killing in Nigeria or Kano against Christians but a growing threat in what Christians perceive as “Islamisation” of Nigeria in the last year.


While President Buhari often condemns killings and destruction to homes and properties when such happens, there are rumblings about government steps to favor the Islamic religion and Muslims from Northern origin through government policies. For example, Northern cattlemen’s slaughtering, raping, and destruction of farm lands of Southerners which government claims a solution is by creating a c grazing grounds for cattlemen and their cattle in the south; land would be taken over by the central government for such. The South has raised a collective voice of resistance against such insanity.

There are Christians in the North just as there are Muslims in the South but figures of a little over 50% for Christians and about 43% for Muslims are touted as representations for the two major religions while the rest of the population belong to various traditional faiths.

When these killings happen to which many in the Christian communities in Northern Nigeria feel there are often complicit nods from supposed law-enforcement agencies, the president would express “sadness …”, while Christian  Association of Nigeria (CAN) would express “outrage …” and ask for “a stop to Christian slaughter …), the [apparent] noises would die down only for such barbaric actions and intolerance to surface soon after:

Bridget Agbahime was killed early in June, and on July 9 – (June & July 2016) – a mother of seven children female preacher, Eunice Elisha was hacked to death. She was only 42 years old and rather than be bitter, the widower she left behind showed great fortitude in saying his wife was a martyr as she was out preaching when she was murdered.

Mother of seven,  Eunice Elisha, was murdered close to Nigeria's capital, Abuja

Mother of seven, Eunice Elisha, was murdered close to Nigeria’s capital, Abuja by Muslim terrorists. [World Watch Monitor]


This year alone, here are a few of the massacres of Christians by Northern Islamic terrorists randomly selected from a list from around the world; it’s excerpted from []

  • a convert to Christianity is executed by Muslim radicals on June 4
  • Forty-eight people are reported dead after Muslim terrorists attack their village, hacking, shooting, and burning their homes and church;
  • a female pastor is hacked to death by Muslim radicals who left her severed head on a Bible on July 9;
  • 2 Christian women are hacked to death in Ninte by Fulani cattlemen in Ninte on August 1;
  • 9 Christians villagers are gunned down and 3 churches burnt in Gada Biyu on August 2
  • 10 villagers were slaughtered Jeman on August 16;

Kaduna State has proved a very fertile ground for the persecution and murder of Christians by Muslim extremists, perhaps as a result of the perception by Muslim terrorists that the state’s governor is on “their” side. Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 3 Christians in their home on May 31,  days after herdsmen attacked another area Christians with machetes. The state’s governor, Mr. El-Rufai, has been particularly active in anti-Christianity, including going as far as denying approval permits to build churches …

Just yesterday, August 22, a pastor of one of the Pentecostal Churches who was shot to death at Kaduna, the same state where an apparently Muslim extremist governor holds sway. Of course El-Rufai has denounced the killing and reportedly promised action but as Nigerian Christians have now come to understand, nothing will ever come of the promised “action”, thereby enabling more of same. The following is with regard to Islamic terrorism resulting in deaths of Christians in El-Rufai’s Kaduna State:

“A Christian whose name is Ango was returning from his farm at about 5 p.m. when he was ambushed and attacked by a band of three Fulani Herdsmen,” she said. “Ango was pursued by three sons of the Ardo [Fulani leader] in the area. They captured him and dragged him to the bush close to a stream, where they cut him with machetes. He was left there unconscious as they thought he was dead. 

“Kaduna and Plateau states have been plagued by such attacks for years, but in recent years there are signs that Islamic extremist groups are arming and/or accompanying Muslim Fulani herdsmen and inciting them in their tribal and economic conflicts with Christian farmers. The assaults on unarmed Christians have reached central-eastern states such as Taraba and Benue, as well as more southern areas.

Church leaders say attacks on Christian communities by the herdsmen constitute a war “by Islam to eliminate Christianity” in Nigeria. Christians make up 51.3 percent of Nigeria’s population of 158.2 million and live mainly in the south, while Muslims account for 45 percent and live mainly in the north …” []

Just about a week ago on August 13, Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked a predominantly Christian village in north-central Nigeria, killing seven Christians, a newsreport claims:


The latest barbaric murders of eight (8) Polytechnic College students who were burnt to death at Gusau by Islamic extremists, a city in Zamfara in Northern Nigeria, is just another in a string of massacres  in a country that is deaf to the plight of Christians.

CAN, the Christian body, has continued to issue restraining words to its members, but how long must the beheading, the burning to death … go on before Nigeria reaches a breaking point?

Nigeria is a country of many nationalities amalgamated to be a single country at annexation by the British. We are very different peoples with different language;  our cultures, perspectives, value systems … are also very different including an important fact that even Northern Nigeria’s Muslims are very different from Muslims from Southern Nigeria. If truth be told, apart from skin color, common humanity, physical location on earth … a Southern Christian and Southern Muslim have a whole lot in common. Not so, however, with Northern Muslims who generally lack common ground with their Southern counterparts who are not as doctrinaire as Northern Muslims. Northern Nigerians’ relationship with Northern Christians, on the other hand, are generally in adversarial positions to each other.

As a blog reader points out in a mail as regards the continuing gradual Islamisation of Nigeria, she writes:

“ … Buhari has requested Saudi Arabia for some form of vital financial assistance. Yet the Minister of finance had said that all the stolen money recovered so far (more than a trillion Naira) will soon be injected into the economy! WHy do we still need an Islamic loan?

Christian lawyers should challenge the government in Court over the blatant Islamisation of our Security and Intelligence and Education Sectors. Government (read Buhari and cohorts) action is a blatant subversion of the Constitution, a most insensitive betrayal of the trust of Christians. 
I am aware that a Court case challenging the Islamisation of Nigeria by the government is ongoing and has been adjourned till sometime in September …”

The ball is in President Buhari’s court, as well as the collective court of Muslim leaders in Northern Nigeria who are all in positions in which their words, actions and even body language could change the direction towards which Nigeria is spiraling. Religious wars have never been known to be benign affairs, and Nigeria has reached THE stage – usual pronouncements on Nigeria’s unity being non-negotiable, regardless – that calls for decisive actions without which the country’s different nationalities would have to go their different ways.


The news story on eight students who were burnt alive inside a house they had escaped to for security:

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016. 7:55 p.m. [GMT]







































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4 Comments on “Nigeria’s Islamic extremists strike again as 8 students are burnt alive for “blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed” – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    Dear Tola,

    I really appreciate your passion and commitment.

    I was able to read through the latest email and I am using part of the portion on Nigeria and Olympics ( as well as portions on the massacre. Of Christians contained in the one you sent last night). Christians need to know these stark realities and be jolted from their unblissful ignorance and self-centred orientation by several so- called Pentecostal Pastor’s who encourage them to focus on seeking blessings and miracles from God, and deliverance from enemies!

    There is a fire on our roof as Christians and we are snoring!! Saddest that there is so much complacency and silence even by the top hierarchies of so- called established churches — the Pentecostals are generally not known to have much of a social conscience, most unfortunately. We have no Desmond Tutus, or the South American Christian priests who championed “Liberation Theology” in face of despotism and corruption among their rulers. In short there is spiritual poverty in our land!

    S. Bisi



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      Please pardon this seeming late response.

      This was under the Olympics posting and I kept looking for your comments because I was certain I had read and responded to it. Just found it now and copied it here.

      Yes, “spiritual poverty” abounds while men of Nigeria’s god parade around with their voices muffled by money, their god.

      A change must, indeed come.

      Fondest regards, Ma.



  2. folakemiodoaje Says:

    I think killing because of blaspheming is part of a much bigger problem. These people kill because they know they will get away with it. People in this category will kill for just about anything. I doubt anything will come out of our outcry, when “all lives matter”, justice prevails.

    Things like these have to change.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Folakemi

      The needed change can only come if Muslim leaders in Northern Nigeria, especially the Sultan, would preach to their people the needless killings they do in the name of fighting those they see as “disrespecting” Prophet Muhammed do not show the sign of a good Muslim. Muslims in the South do not resort to burning people alive or murders in the name of their faith.

      Until they are only able to issue perfunctory statements after each mayhem and barbaric behaviors of murders and arson, the terrorism will continue. Ditto Nigeria’s head of state, President Buhari, who must ensure that law-enforcement agencies HAVE TO DO THEIR WORK by fishing out perpetrators and throwing the books at perpetrators of killers in the name of religion.

      Mosques must be places where sermons that would teach Muslims to respect their fellow Nigerians who practise other faiths.

      These are the ways that change would eventually come.

      Sincere regards,

      Liked by 1 person


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