Ghandi’s racist beliefs catch up with his massive legacy at Ghana’s Legon: his statue must come down!

September 22, 2016

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Gandhi’s Statue at the University Of Ghana Must Come Down – – Aberqu

Please use the link at post’s end to read the whole petition which needs signature. Thanks, Tola]



The Members of the University of Ghana Council

Attn: Chairman of Council Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi

12 September 2016

Dear Honourable Members of the University of Ghana Council:

We the undersigned bring this petition for the removal of the statue of Gandhi to the esteemed Council of the University of Ghana Council for your consideration


On 14 June 2016 a statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi[1] was erected at the Recreational Quadrangle. This is the only statue of an historical personality on the University of Ghana’s Legon campus. Soon after it came to the notice of members of the University community and the general public, calls for its removal began within the University community and beyond.[2]  We, the undersigned associate ourselves with that call for the reasons outlined below.

Rationale for Removal:

1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s racist identity:

Below we provide just a few citations from his own writings to illustrate this.

Before Dec. 19, 1894

“A general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa. Even the children are taught to believe in that manner, with the result that the Indian is being dragged down to the position of a raw Kaffir.” ~ Vol. I, p. 193

Before May 5, 1895

“In the face, too, of financial operations, the success of which many of their detractors would envy, one fails to understand the agitation which would place the operators in the same category as the half-heathen Native and confine him to Locations, and subject him to the harsher laws by which the Transvaal Kaffir is governed.” ~ Vol. I, pp. 224-225

Before May 5, 1895

“So far as the feeling has been expressed, it is to degrade the Indian to the position of the Kaffir.” ~ Vol. I, p. 229

Sept. 26, 1896

“Ours is one continual struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir whose occupation is hunting, and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness.” ~ Vol. I, pp. 409-410

Before May 27, 1899

“Your Petitioner has seen the Location intended to be used by the Indians. It would place them, who are undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs, in close proximity to the latter.” ~ Vol. II, p. 270

June 1, 1906

“The Boer Government insulted the Indians by classing them with the Kaffirs.” ~ Vol. V, p. 59

Source:  Gandhi and South African Blacks ( )

*(NOTE-The term kaffir is considered a racial slur used in reference to indigenous Black South Africans.)

Gandhi also campaigned against the efforts of the Dalits, The Black “Untouchables” of India, and for the maintenance of the caste system right up to his death.

For the rest of the essay & Petition for Signatures, go to:

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016. 7:45 p.m. [GMT]

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6 Comments on “Ghandi’s racist beliefs catch up with his massive legacy at Ghana’s Legon: his statue must come down!”



    The same Gandhi we have ignorantly accepted as one of the foremost human rights advocates in history and pathological freedom fighter was a racist after-all.

    Kudos to records and science! Sad! To every Indian, still, Mahatma Gandhi shall remain a god. To us Africans, who care about our past as being the cause of our present predicaments the world over, he simply was a bigot and our enemy of progress.

    So, shall he remain in my archive. I shall henceforth tell my offspring about it. My own generations to come will know and place him where he belongs in the book of history.

    Hopefully, everyone of us will learn something here that whatever we write today can be unearthed anytime tomorrow to question our “real” personality.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Adetoye

      What a clarion call in a most eloquent manner to us all not just to wake up and act on the indignity that the once-revered world icon, now reduced to a mere racist and myopic Indian icon represents to people of African descent.

      And what an actual calamity!

      But the world goes on.

      Sincere thanks and regards,



  2. folakemiodoaje Says:

    The world will be a much better place for all the more self-aware we become. I bet that statue was installed with good intentions but completely inappropriate in this context.



  3. emotan77 Says:

    Dear Adetoye,

    Thanks for this very apt comparison. And Ghana does open our eyes to ways to handle any issue that could cast a shadow of shame on a country’s dignity and pride: quick, decisive and praiseworthy.

    Sincere regards,




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