Honestly, I am very very sorrowful reading this news,how can any sensible human being be contemplating selling off Nigerian oil assets simply because oil is selling at $50 dollars per barrel. Was oil made to be sold only at $100 ,if buhari is anything near integrity and sincerity, the first thing he should have done is to operate a lean government by cutting down on all government overheads and recurrent expenditures. Let buhari propose a bill to reduce ministries to maximum 18 and appoint only 18 ministers with every zone producing 3. Again let government reduce their work force to the barest minimum by digitalizing and computerizing all offices ,departments and businesses of government.

If government can reduce the monthly salary structure of FG by half ,through downsizing and weeding off of non essential staffs,then buhari must prune down his size of office and reduce the advisers and special assistants to not more than 15, then reduce NASS to one house ,Nigeria would be on a good road to recovery.

If buhari can’t manage this economy, let him take babangidas example and step aside and wait for that time when oil price will go back to $120 before he will recontest for the presidency. Only a prodigal son shall contemplate selling his fathers assets because of bad market ,no reasonable and sensible human being will ever think of such.buhari have shown that he lacks the capacities to steer Nigeria to safety,so I suggest that he step aside for a better person to try.