103-year old Ms. Steininger already voted for Clinton “in the most important election I’ve voted in” – Tola Adenle

October 1, 2016

USA, Women

Ruline Steininger proclaims her choice at Iowa’s early voting!


Ruline holds on to her walker, decorated with a custom-made Hillary-poster



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Credit:  us.hola.com

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Runine Steininger was 7 years old when women got the right to vote through the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and when she met Clinton during the Primaries, she had reportedly said of Trump candidacy:


“I’m shocked. I don’t know what has gotten into people … If he’s elected president, it’s going to be a national disaster, which we will likely take years to recover from …” (rawstory.com)

Ms. Steininger also reportedly told the CNN at the time: “I’ve got a big job ahead of me … I’ve got to live!” she told CNN. “After that, OK, I can die if I want to, but I’m going to live until she’s elected.” 

And this, from whotv.com:

Steninger will turn 103 in April [2016], but her primary goal is to vote in the general election.

“The chances are high that my vote will be absent,” in November, she wrote to friends in her Christmas card. “After giving this problem much serious thought and consideration, I have come to the decision that I must live to do my part November 2016, I can die later!”

Below is a letter Ms. Steininger fired off to Hillary in February, desiring to meet the candidate:

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hillaryclinton.com  February 1, 2016

That was then, the Primaries have long been over. This is now, Ms. Steininger is alive and very well, and early voting, which allows US citizens to cast their ballots before the first Tuesday that follows November’s first Monday is now on before the November date for 2016 general elections.

Now, almost a hundred years after the right to vote was granted to her sex, Ms. Steininger, sharp, lucid and with a clear understanding of the major importance of 2016 elections, put it in perspective as she walked briskly towards the polling station, albeit with the aid of her aptly decorated walker that bears a “Hillary ’16 home-fashioned poster. A campaign rally was nearby but she knew which must come first:

“I’m anxious to get to the voting part  … time is crucial for me … 

Some of Runine’s other words bring into focus what this election means to her as well as millions in America and even to those in other countries who are not voting in a US election that features a woman as one of the two candidates leading the two major political parties:

I’m voting today … one of the big days of my life … this is the most important election I’ve voted in … I’m going to see the next president of the United States … I never thought I would get to vote for a woman for President …”

AND TO HILLARY:  After congratulating the candidate on her debate performance, she let Hillary know she had been following her: ” We are going to put you in the White House …” to which Hillary graciously replied, “… with your help … ”


Image result for image of ruline steininger casting her early vote

Ruline Steininger casts a vote she never thought could happen … for Hillary Clinton to become the USA’s first female President. [cnn.com]

Finally, listen to Ruline, in a very firm voice, tell the world her thoughts on the candidate, the election and what it all means to her:


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2016. 1:00 p.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “103-year old Ms. Steininger already voted for Clinton “in the most important election I’ve voted in” – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    The difference is clear, the thinking is different from ours in Nigeria.

    She is following her candidate to the end and she knows the implications of backing the wrong candidate. I pray that Americans will make the right choice.
    I admire The Old Lady.




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mary,

      Thanks very much.

      Definitely different from the Nigerian system in more ways than one despite the presidential system which is supposed to have been patterned after the US system.

      Yes, isn’t it amazing that at over a century years on earth, The Old Lady is not just certain of her choice but is afraid of the other candidate whose candidacy raises a scepter of evil over the United States with his divisiveness, emptiness and vindictiveness?

      Sincere regards,



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