Peter Obi (1-7): Is he ready for national politics that may be against Igbo Agenda? – Adetoye Adeyemi

October 18, 2016


Nigerians must never give up the fight to achieve an equitable society, no matter the discouragement and disappointments that lie in wait at every turn.

 Mr Fatai Bakare and my friend – Deleola Daramola, were part of the fight in court against Osun State Government to protest the educational policy we were sure would not improve students’ standard but would, in the end, be found as a waste of fund. Even though we knew from the beginning that we would most probably not get anywhere as the case had to go before the state’s judiciary, we agreed to still commit our funds and get it on record that there were Nigerians who saw the mega schools as diversionary and cash investments that would not yield dividends when matters like proper staff training and retraining were, and are still crying for attention.
On Peter Obi, I have been writing in his support since he was Governor, particularly in when Lagos Government dumped alleged “foreigners in Lagos” on Onitsha B ridge just like that, in this information age. It was inhuman, to say the least, when citizens from Nigeria and other parts of the world make their homes where they earn their living in many countries of the world.
Since that saga, I have kept an eye on news about Obi and have been studying him alongside Chief Bisi Akande, Alhaji Jakande, et al by reading any and all available material I could lay my hands on when those two great men ruled Oyo and Lagos, respectively. It remains on record that Akande built that sprawling edifice, The State Secretariat, at Osogbo for the state without borrowing a penny, and Obasanjo though a PDP, praised him for the roads he had constructed at the cheapest rate/mile in Nigeria during his presidency.
The truth is that Nigeria, since Babangida era, has been functioning in a mob-like arrangement. Every leader has been experimenting without any defined forward-looking agenda except, to me, the Jonathan Administration (argument for another day).
For example, what is the situation with Technical Schools in Nigeria today? 
Only leaders with Peter Obi’s mindset, or a Lateef Jakande or a Chief Akande, can begin the building of a true nation from the type of country we have right now. The problem however is that present level of monetization of politics can never see them rise to leadership anymore. 
If, however, Peter Obi can have a rethink because Akande and Jakande are both old now, and start a new push in the very patriotic and nationalistic outlook that he seems to have, chances are that such can spread and become the alternative platform that Nigeria needs, that is if and when an opportunity arises.
The problem is, will Peter Obi himself agree, and can he even trust us as group of sincere patriots? Is he even ready to play national politics against an Igbo Agenda? 
There is always a starting point for every renaissance and every revolution, and we cannot know until we begin. The necessary ingredients are present, and all that is needed is a central body with a figure to move it forward.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016.  6:17 a.m. [GMT]


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