US Election 2016(18): “You will be our President … I wish you … your family well” – Former President Bush’s note to Bill Clinton who defeated him in ’92 – Tola Adenle

October 20, 2016


            “… the greatest stunt in the business of p.r. in America …”

[England] Lord Sugar on Trump’s run for the US presidency, Today, October 20, 2016

As Donald Trump keeps the whole world riveted these past several months, uttering statements that one would not expect of a 17-year old American boy running for high school students’ government, he just managed to out-idiot-ified himself: told the American people he has no intention of allowing the United States Government to see a peaceful transition of power.

I need not remind blog visitors that Trump’s type are a dime a dozen – as the saying goes – in places like Nigeria, the land of my birth but even to me at this advanced stage in my life, the man has been nothing but a savage mockery and DEMYTHIFYING of what America represents to the whole world.

There is nothing to write about a man who would brag how he would be dating a 10-year old in the same number of years in the future … a man who would announce on the campaign trail that he could “shoot somebody in the middle of New York’s Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen …” He’s probably right. His campaign crowd grew.

He finally crossed the boundary of acceptable indulgence – except to the mostly racist followers – by wiping the putrid stench he has managed to spread around with the United States Constitution about transition of power.

Beyond America, including NATO, American allies, Canada, many have continued to wonder aloud how such an uninformed, stupid … person could rise so much to even contest the US presidency. What, many have wondered, is happening to America.

Trump is the well-developed fruit the American Republican Party  (GOP) is harvesting from the seeds of hate they sowed for Obama from Day One of his presidency when they vowed not to let him succeed … how they would make him a one-term president … and the tragedy of Senator McCain taking Sarah Palin as his VP running mate against Obama … which begat the so-called Tea Party …

Now that a loony, empty, sexual predator has taken over the GOP, it’s just the right time to share a letter going around on the web about another kind of Republican, President Bush, Senior. It’s also as good a time as any to mention a very touching moment shared by President Bush, Junior and Michelle Obama very recently.

Yes, political opponents need not be uncivil, enemies, a bit like the Nigerias, Zimbabwes … of the undeveloped (not under-developed) world where opponents get murdered.

President George W.H. Bush showed how to leave the White House and welcome a candidate who defeated you with goodwill.

Check out the very moving letter, excerpt from which forms the title for this post:

AND Former President Bush and First Lady, Michelle Obama

Michelle hugging Bush

L to R: Laura & George Bush, Jr. Michelle & Barrack Obama at the opening ceremony of the Museum of African-American History & Culture, Washington, D.C. in September.

Donald Trump, despite your “billions”, you DO  know you will never belong despite the life-long fight for acceptance . ..

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016. 9:25 p.m. [GMT]



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2 Comments on “US Election 2016(18): “You will be our President … I wish you … your family well” – Former President Bush’s note to Bill Clinton who defeated him in ’92 – Tola Adenle”

  1. Adegoke G. Falade Says:

    Auntie, you got it right: America reaping the fruit of what it sowed!

    Cummings recently informed us that Trump is suffering from a mental illness that
    his bullish father was afflicted with. Indeed, Cummings carried out a DNA test to disprove that he was “borne” by his father. But, alas Cummings was thoroughly disappointed when the test confirmed that he was not a bastard! Cummings advocated a complete overhaul of the educational system in America to allow the youths identify, appreciate and associate with American adults with values.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Really? I have no idea who Cummings is but I wouldn’t need to go the DNA route – not that I know about this either – to wonder at Trump’s incredible ways. The old saying about an apple never falling far from the tree is very true in the case of the evil man: his father, from written material, was so controlling of women that he once tried to foorce the junior evil’s wife to eat steak rather than the fish Ivana wanted at a restaurant because, in the junior’s words, “he did it because he loves you”! Sounds trivial but very pointed, but THAT is perhaps the least of the son becoming like the father.

      The racism which drove Trump to the top of the heap among Republican golden boys was donated through his genetic make-up. Apart from a practice of systematically denying rentals to African-Americans in his apartment complexes – the kid became the father when he joined the family business – the father was arrested in New York in the late 1920s with the most evil and violent racists that American slavery’s eradication gave birth to: the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

      If and when the web access is good, google Trump’s housing policies; Trump racism … but here is a link:

      Things that Jeb Bush, Kasick, Cruz, and the other star-crossed Republican candidates couldn’t say, do or condone – even if many of the over a dozen candidates were not that far from known racists – Donald Trump not only said, did and condoned them blatantly.

      The confederate flag, from America’s racist past, was recently FINALLY brought down from the South Carolina’s Capitol building after the female governor, who was born in America by immigrants from India signed into law an order to bring down the emblem of racism linked to the cruelties of slavery era in southern USA.

      For millions of racist Americans, you’d hardly know it. At Trump’s rallies, the flag, as well as blatantly racist acts by rally attendees and veiled racist speeches by Trump are always present.

      Dear Prof., just input CONFEDERATE FLAGS AT TRUMP RALLIES – and the reason why Trump rose to the top of the heap in the GOP’s primaries would be clear: somebody who would take America back to its sad historical position was at hand.

      And Trump milked it as the other contestants were left wondering what hit them because they had all believed he would fade away with the outrageous things he was saying. Could-not-get-away-with-that became “WHAT?” THAT is how a country that has been held in wonder, awe and respect was demythified (?) by a racist, misogynistic, brash … who, despite his over-leveraged “billionaire” status, has shown the world he will always remain on the fringe of high society.

      We are all harsh of Donald Trump but all these will die away for the most part but for his part in setting America back to the violence of its dark racist past where African-Americans now get killed in the streets, history will be virulently unkind to him. I’m not a Scripture-spewer but the sins of Trump The Father will be visited on Donald, ìran ekinni” – and a minimum of three more generations to go because the Bible promises “titi dé iran ẹ̀kẹ́rin …” Of course Donald’s sins would line up another cycle.

      A name boldly stamped on high net worth buildings still owes one metamorphosis in the son’s lifetime.

      More than enough as a response to your very inspiring comments, Dear Prof.

      Sincere regards,



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