Abba Kyari Orders DSS To Walk Amaechi Out Of Office –

October 24, 2016


The source adds that Amaechi had from the get go decided to deal with the President directly instead of going through the SGF – as protocols require. But the source clarifies that Mr. President’s actions appear to entertain and/or encourage Amaechi’s direct dealing with him. But the SGF and chief of staff were not happy with the idea because Amaechi remains the only minister who deals with the president directly.

Our source points to Abba Kyari’s grievance to Amaechi’s appointment of Hadiza Bala Usman to the head the Nigeria Port Authority [NPA]. Kyari believes Hadiza to be the girlfriend of Amaechi.


Abba Kyari is Chief of Staff to Nigerian President is supposed to be uncle to President Buhari. Kyari is supposedly a member of the “Cabal”/”government within government” of Buhari. Kyari is so reportedly so powerful he’s tried to distance the president from Asiwaju Tinubu, the man at the center of Buhari’s final path to rule Nigeria.

Check out the links below to read more about Kyari who once ruled a Northern Nigerian state when he was in the Army. He’s appeared here four times since July and thrice in the last one month.

Rotimi Amaechi, a former governor from oil-producing Rivers State, is President Buhari’s Minister of Transport


Abba Kyari Orders DSS To Walk Amaechi Out Of Office


MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016. 7:20 p.m. [GMT]


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