Calling out Bimbọ Aiyelabola, Lagos “society woman” – AGAIN – to pay up 145,000 Pounds she owes British NHS! – Tola Adenle

October 30, 2016

Health, Nigeria

BIMBỌ AIYELABOLA, Lagos society lady who drives BMW as one of her vehicles while remaining a big-time debtor who scammed the NHS through  health delivery costs


I’ve gone to the trouble of calling up my Yoruba alphabet keyboard to maintain the dignity of one of Yoruba’s most beloved female names – Abimbọla, Bimbọ for short – which, without the dot under the ‘o’, connotes an unsavory meaning. From here on, this debtor, bordering on a scammer, is simply Bimbo – whatever the meaning and connotation those who own the English Language ascribe to it.

             Below:  Bimbo and her bundle of joy delivered by Caesarian in England back in 2011


As the British national health services totters towards an unsustainable precipice, this VERY UGLY Nigerian, one of those who continue to give the country a very bad name and soil her image, is living a life of luxury that millions of British who pay into running the country’s durable and very supportive National Health Service are in danger of losing this veritable British institution.

Nigerian: The most notorious case of health tourism was Bimbo Ayelabola (above), whose care while she gave birth to quintuplets cost taxpayers £145,000

Above shows the face that Bimbo presents to the world on her FACEBOOK, a pleasant, can’t-hurt-a-fly persona that was in The Mail Online when her story first appeared two seasons ago, exactly as Spring officially broke on March 21 this year.

Since then, Spring has rolled into Summer and then the chilly days of Fall nearing Winter is at around but still not a sign Bimbo is ready to settle a debt deliberately and, perhaps calculatedly-incurred. 

The same big readership site known for sensational headline-grabbing stories – if this welsher’s story  does not grab attention, what would – has put out a [sort of] all-points-bulletin (APB) about this massive debt.

Back in March, this case was described as the “Most notorious case of health tourism was Nigerian Bimbo Ayelabola”.

What will it take to get Bimbo to reach out to the UK and start a process that would get her massive debt settled?

 BIMBO, Pay up your debt to Britain whose health services helped deliver your lovely quintuplets! Cut out those monthly multiple “society party” aṣọ ẹbi for starters; sell your BMW, take a huge loan and pay instalmentally from your Make-up Artist whopping charges.

By the way, Bimbo, have you thought about what lies ahead for these lovely five kids whose last name could forever be blacklisted in the UK if nothing else would make you think of paying off this massive debt which would be a sign of your gratitude to the NHS?


Bimbo, a doting mother and the quintuplets, in Lagos, Nigeria 

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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2016. 7:45 [GMT]



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