Nigeria’s Anikẹ́ Agbajé-Williams, Africa’s 1st woman presenter on Africa’s 1st television station, WNTV/WNBS, clocks 80 – Tola Adenle

October 31, 2016

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Anike Agbaje-Williams acknowledging one of many awards celebrating her illustrious & pioneering career   [Google Images]


Exactly fifty-seven years ago today – October 31, 1959, Nigeria’s Western Region under the premiership of Obafemi Awolowo, scored another first that goes beyond Nigerian shores. In Awo’s usual visionary way, he saw ahead not only what help the new medium could bring to education which the region he governed already had free elementary education for all but also to across-the-board development of society.

“Television will serve as teacher and entertainer and as a stimulus to us all to transform Nigeria into a modern and prosperous nation. You will all gain much from this great medium of mass information and instruction. It is a powerful influence for good”.

The first of Nigeria’s then three regions, followed its first to seek and get self-rule from the British Colonial power with coming up with “Africa’s First Television Station”, the network’s moniker until its unilateral take-over by the central government of military head of state, then General Obasanjo.

The WNTV/WNBS, Africa’s First Television Station, was the vessel that produced Nigeria’s and Africa’s first female broadcaster, Anike Agbaje-Willliams; Ms. Agbaje-Williams actually had the distinction of being the first to sign on the station which she did before handing over, and therefore became “the face of television in Africa”.

Before retiring from NTA-Ibadan which the WNTV/WNBS became as a branch of the “federal” government-owned Nigerian Television Authority after over 35 years, Ms. Agbaje-Williams would rise to producer and administrator within the organization.

Auntie Anike, whose involvement in many community-based activities enhance the quality of living among which is singing in the choir of my family church at Ibadan, Nigeria, turned eighty a week ago, an occasion that was celebrated with many from Nigeria and abroad, including Nigeria’s head of state felicitating with her this past weekend.

Birthday wishes for a long and very healthy life to a very special woman whose pioneering footsteps continue to guide young women in broadcasting and journalism.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016. 7:30 a.m. [GMT]



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4 Comments on “Nigeria’s Anikẹ́ Agbajé-Williams, Africa’s 1st woman presenter on Africa’s 1st television station, WNTV/WNBS, clocks 80 – Tola Adenle”

  1. Akinola Oluwatoyin Says:

    Please ma, can u be of help to connect me with this global icon( aunty Anike) pls i really wish to meet her n ask some questions from her as a Mass Communication student. Akinola Oluwatoyin is my name. Thanks.



  2. bisisowunmig Says:

    How marvelous and most heartening! Many thanks, Tola, for the succinct yet comprehensive write up on Sisi Anike.

    I wonder how many of our younger ones know this very heartening story?
    Do you happen to have her telephone number so I can call her?

    Thanks once again.


    Sent from my iPad




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      Thanks very much, Ma. Getting bits of these stories out one by one when needed is really necessary so that the younger ones who live mostly out online (!) these days can get to know such important persons like Auntie Anike as well as important milestones such as the founding of the Western Nigerian Television/Western Nigeria Broadcasting Service, AND, of course, the pieces of info on what Awo did in governance.

      Will communicate info on how to get in touch with her.

      Fond regards, Ma,



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