Ekiti’s Governor Fayoṣe & Fulani cattlemen make peace; agree on State’s anti-grazing law –

November 1, 2016



Leaders of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders with Governor Ayodele Fayose today, November 1  at the government house, Ado-Ekiti.






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[ALL SAINTS’ DAY] November 1, 2016. 3:50 p.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Ekiti’s Governor Fayoṣe & Fulani cattlemen make peace; agree on State’s anti-grazing law –”


    It is clearly obvious!

    Instructively, the language our brothers up North has never toiled with, is the language of “force for force”. General Obasanjo (Retd.) was mysteriously taken out of prison as a soft landing strategy and allowed to rule Nigeria because Yorubas formed OPC’s for armed struggle as a military wing of neo-independent “Yoruba race”.

    Reluctantly also, they allowed Jonathan to rule because the Niger Delta formed the ferocious militants who refused to be intimated despite repeated threats upon threats. Playing diplomacy with them(hegemonic North) ‘ala’ Papa Awolowo style, and recently, Asiwaju Tinubu’s style WILL never work. They will always play the treachery card somehow. Now that ìpátá Fayose has shown them he’s a fighter, an agbèrò a street-wise “thug” as some derisively label him, BUT a native soldier who is a true champion of his people’s cause as he has proved to be, many in Yorubaland have now quickly rallied around in support of him.

    Kudos to Gov. Fayose! However, we must not be deceived or distracted by their pretenses. They have never given up on any ideological struggle. Their stupendously wealthy masters – the holder of Nigerian power, must have been drawing many options about strategies to adopt so as to permanently checkmate Fayose and keep him out of power calculation now, or soonest. It is either we all understand their political agenda or we are doomed to be in perpetual servitude to them.

    The “Hausas” should be asked to tell their story.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Adetoye,

      Thank you very much for this.

      You are very correct about the need to never stop being vigilant. As I’ve often mentioned, nobody GIVES another freedom/independence. I’ve referred in such “mentions” to the Yoruba word for independence contains no inference nor implication of willingness on the part of the person or institution that holds another’s “freedom”.

      In Yoruba, the idea’s translation is to “take/snatch” one’s independence: nwọn GBA òmìnira” – they TAKE/SNATCH their independence. If the Yoruba believe you should grovel till you GET ominira – it would be nwọn fun nwọn ni ominira because FUN is GIVE.

      Anyone can see that the true position of states and and their powers that do not include the cap-in-hand grovelling that governors do in a “federal” set-up was clearly digested to these people – hopefully, the president knew it but had accepted the laissez passe gifted him – before the “amiable” resolution. The smiles by the aged cow people versus the glum on the faces of those who may be one of those self-entitled herdsmen on the right in the photograph is, perhaps, indicative.

      Whatever plans they devise to put Fayose away will have to come from another area and is not unexpected but while there are Ekitis that can be used, majority of the people know where and what their interests are.

      Fear of the “Fayose Treatment” spreading throughout and beyond Yorubaland is apparent in this “peaceful settlement”.

      When the herdsmen’s apologists say things like “… the problem of herdsmen and clashes with farmers have long existed before Buhari …”, the exaggeration is apparent: these murderous, raping and pillaging cattle-rearers stepped up their activities many, many times since one of their owners became head of state. That is why the association could be stupid enough to ask the government TO WARN FAYOSE … TO HAVE FAYOSE APOLOGIZE …

      We must never forget that President Buhari, as a private citizen and prominent member of the cow owners, led the association to Lam Adesina, a Yoruba governor TO DEMAND COMPENSATION even when deaths, rapes … always carried in newspapers HAD NEVER BEEN REGRETTED, PROSECUTED NOR REMUNERATED.

      Hopefully, though, the same minds that saw the need for the association NOT to overplay its collective hands would ensure that the hired hands conduct themselves in the ways agreed to by the state’s law, a law enacted by the representatives of the people and is LEGALLY binding – NO MATTER WHO OWNS THE COWS.

      Sincere regards,



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