The root cause of Nigeria’s Delta agitations & the social/political problems in Nigeria is the inequity between Northern & Southern Nigeria?

November 2, 2016


Everybody who is anybody in Nigeria’s power corridor has become unspeakably wealthy from ownership of oil blocks which have always been gifted to family, friends and cronies by Nigeria’s heads of state.

Now, the Niger Delta people have finally read the [sort of ] Riot Act to the Nigerian government as part of conditions for peace that definitely cannot be without justice, the setting aside of oil blocks as musts in their list of demands for justice as regards the gold that flows freely under their soil.

I’m using a material that has been circulating on the web, material that was forwarded to me a while back that has a title with the oil-rich Delta as its focus: “You wonder why Niger Delta is agitating?” shows a clear and visible path of preference in matters that concern Northern Nigeria as regards the listed items.

While the piece does not originate from me, of course I concur with the general idea as I have written here time and time, again how the government of Muhammadu Buhari seems to have thrown caution to the wind in matters of appointments as he has installed nepotistic, religious and ethnic brethren into key judicial, security and other positions.

It must be noted that Buhari, finally meeting with leaders and elders from the Delta, is a minor step forward that differs from the belligerence and issuance of threats to agitators from the Delta.



Between Northern and Southern Interests 

*   It took less than 6 months for the senate to pass the North East Development Commission (NEDC) BILL. 
* It has taken more than 14 years and 4 presidents, yet the PIB bill is nowhere to be passed
*  It took less than 4 Hours for Kano State to be smuggled into North East Region for the purpose of enjoying from NEDC 
* For more than 10 years Northern Senators have been trying to define ‘Oil bearing communities’; 
does it include villages with petrol stations and pipelines?
*  It took less than 3 months for us to agree to set aside 3 % of total VAT accruals to fund the reconstruction of NE.
*  For more than one generation, we are still arguing how to fund the clean up or hydro carbon polluted sites in the Niger Delta and Ogoni.
*  The Board of NEDC is made up entirely of people from the North and North East.
*  The Board of NDDC is made up of every tom dick and harry to ensure adequate geographical spread.
The FG wants to borrow 39 billion US dollars for ‘capital’ projects! Not one of these projects is located in the entire South East! Yet, oil located in the south east will be used to offset the loan when due

This is our country! This is our story.
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2016. 3:28 p.m. [GMT]


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