U.S. Elections 2016 (19): Suffragette Susan B. Anthony’s grave becomes a mecca as many make election-day pilgrimages; Let’s go, Hillary! – Tola Adenle

November 8, 2016

USA, Women

Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less – 

SUSAN B. ANTHONY, February 15, 1820 to March 13, 1906


Susan B. Anthony Dollar – US Mint [Google Images]


As Hillary stands on the thresh-hold of making history – breaking that last glass ceiling that she and many have been putting cracks on for years, women in America, many with their children, especially daughters towed along, are making pilgrimages to one of those before Ms. Clinton who fought to pry women the right to vote from men.

By age 17, Ms. Anthony was already collecting names before the mid-19th Century to put an end to slavery. Her next and biggest fight was for women to get the right to vote, and by her early 50s as she saw the wait becoming indefinite, she was determined enough as to go with her three sisters and some other women to a polling station. Ms. Anthony made the clerks register some of them. Ms. Anthony and some of the women would later vote after the polls actually opened, an act that would lead to her prosecution and trial.

By the time of Susan Anthony’s death in 1906, women would wait another 14 years before they would get the right to vote in 1920 in the USA two years after their sisters (age 30) across the big pond in England had been granted grudging right. English ladies had to wait till 1928 before they were finally able to vote.

Hillary Clinton would, by her teens in 1964, catch the bug of activism when she took part in what thousands of American young kids see as a way to be involved in government: she participated among those who saw Barry Goldwater as a conservative light whose leadership should lead to the White House.

Hillary would graduate to student activism in college at Wellesley and then her marriage to Bill Clinton, who would become Arkansas Governor and later president with more than a little input for a young woman whose heart – may be not sight – had long been set on doing good for many as evident from her high school days, got propelled to the center of American politics.

Today, Hillary Clinton woke as a woman on a mission, on the cusp of writing perhaps the most important narrative in America’s unique history since the end of the Civil War, and tomorrow, the first woman president of these united states will start her preparation to take the baton from America’s first African-American President.

Hillary’s firsts will have numbered among them the candidate who got the most centenarian female voters among those who voted for her one of whom – 102 years old Jerry Emmet who was born before women got the vote – pledged Arizona’s delegates to Hillary at the Dems’ Convention.

Ms. Anthony must be marveling at the giant steps women have taken, and must be particularly heartened at Hillary’s achievement and the effect it will have on all those small girls around the world, especially in America AND particularly on the minds of those little girls who went with their moms to put flowers on her tomb today.

Yes, no more ceilings – concrete, glass …

Check the link below to see a bit of today’s happening at the grave-site of Susan B. Anthony.


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2016. 9:47 p.m. [GMT]



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