Comments worth sharing: Donald Trump as US President portends tough times ahead for the USA & the World – A. Tao

November 9, 2016


So any guess for trupence, what emerged as the Republican candidate and flag bearer for the 2016 Presidential elections? Donald Trump, a business tycoon billionaire, big time hustler, some say, property developer whose towers hug the Manhattan skyline, punter in casinos, higher education  that some claim has defrauded students, etc whose chant and mantra is  to MAKE AMERICA .GREAT AGAIN.
As at Monday 7th November, he continued to push on all fronts harrying the DEMOCRATS  with guerrilla tactics, especially in the so-called battleground states, leaving the Clinton camp and majority of high-brow Americans biting their nails in what is expected to be a very close race. The 2016 general election has became an UNPREDICTABLE RACE TO THE END.

The USA from inception has been a study in revolt, first against the British crown, the threat of secession, a flag still carried by TEXAS, and the many rights to individual FREEDOM entrenched in the US constitution.

The NY Times yesterday carried the story of a militia armed to the teeth ready to defend Trump and the kind of America they believe only President Trump can preserve.
This is but one of the Third World/Banana Republic aspect of the greatest democracy in the world. There is the war readiness of the Georgia Security Force III militia:”… Donald Trump would fit right in with our little group. He wants America the way we want it back like it used to be.”

There was a report of a pro-Trump group planning to stone out African-Americans brothers with marijuana and prevent them from voting. An African American church was torched in North Carolina by people feared to be racists and pro-Trump.  Added to thisis  the revolt of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from within the executive arm of government. Its head and chief executive and President, deep with Clinton while the carpet was yanked from under his feet, and unknown consequences for the race.

Up till the FBI announced its confirmation that it planned no criminal charges would be filed against Mrs Hilary Clinton, former US Secretary of State, and Uncle Sam’s tax claim hanging over Mr Donald Trump’s head, the unthinkable was the possibility of a major constitutional crisis if the two candidates became UNELECTABLE as a result of their criminal liabilities.

The FBI guerilla assault on Clinton cleared and no more is heard of Trump’s unpaid taxes … clearing the way for the electorate to decide.
The electorate remains divided as so-called appalachians, white factory floor industrial manpower, the Ku Klux Klan  and other red and rough necks pile into the Trump corner, a situation that added to the vote being as unpredictable as they get.

Do the lower income constitute a majority or not? Were they to, and were this majority to  plunking Donald Trump into securing a simple majority rather than the outright victory, would Trump not most likely have headed for the Supreme Court to select a US president again regardless of the electoral college where he supposedly did not hold the prescribed 270? The Republican candidate himself if you can so describe a man from whom the party high hierarchy has distanced itself, has frightened the world with many of his promises to create a laager convinced the election would be RIGGED ( thought that was ours) against him.He floated three main policy frights:

(A) a self interest foreign policy that would most likely pit the USA against its NAFTA neighbors, possibly China in a Theucydidean trap, as the latter challenges for world economic dominance and immigration the root of American human resource prowess….walls against Mexico bring our jobs back,block muslims etc

(B) a racist domestic policy which would erode whatever is left of the gains of the 1965 civil rights legislation

( C) a character threat as Donald Trump tears up all conventions of American public life,deploys narcissism as virtue making a few commentators concerned for the safety of the world with the nuclear button within the reach of a man whose impulsive erratic behaviour during the campaigns astounded many.

Third World countries have yet to begin serious understanding of the medium to long term implications of U.K. Brexit on world peace and economic activities. Nigeria, for example, is busy grappling with internal insecurity and a major single factor economic downturn,

President BUHARI and his economic team must now add a possible Trump presidency to their mix of major problems.

Western Europeans and North America (WENA) have given the rest of the world over half a century of relative peace and bounteous improvements to the quality of human life. To many, the failure of the European Union experiment which Brexit announced and portends , is yet to reveal its full impact but many believe it would be deleterious and could be dangerous to both peace and trade.

This can’t be a good time to introduce into the  community of world nations an unpredictable inward looking US President which today’s  general election has delivered with Donald Trump.

A few argue though that his reported closeness to Russia’s Putin could, and some argue would reduce the tendencies of a return to the Cold War at a time NATO is building its military muscles on its Eastern European borders.
Greater tragedy for African states especially a Nigeria that must wade through a fierce and ferocious WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION AND COULD DO WITH AMERICA’S SUPPORT AND COMFORT if it is not only to win  this war but  retrace its way to socio economic growth and development.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 2016. 7:53 a.m. [GMT]



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2 Comments on “Comments worth sharing: Donald Trump as US President portends tough times ahead for the USA & the World – A. Tao”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Well, against expectations of mostly people outside America and some in America, the 45th President of the most powerful country in the world has been chosen. There is nothing we can do about that anymore and we just have to accept that with God what will be will be.

    We are expecting that things may not be the same in the world anymore under the presidency of Donald Trump. I am a true believer of the invincible powers of God. He has a purpose to reveal to us to have made Trump to triumph. The worst may not happen as we are expecting. Sure, there would be checks and balances. No nation can lay claim to being the most-advanced in warfare these technology days. I have the feeling that he will always be reminded about this unless he wants to start the Third World War.

    North Korea, Germany, Iran, Russia etc are there to remind him that we need peace in the world. Surprisingly, he may become an instrument to attain the necessary peace we need in the world. Nothing is too big to do by God and no stone-heart He could not touch to become softened. Let us wait and see.

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    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Dear Fatai.

      When Trump threw into the wild mix he brew of lies and innuendos about Clinton, including the insane idea that her victory would lead to WW3, I was beyond shock because if either of the two candidates could do anything that would lead to a war, it would be Trump through his lack of understanding of basics in geo-politics.

      Like other things he was guilty-as-hell about, and was accused of in press reports, he turned the table by saying Hillary would cause WW3.

      Anyway, as client of the newly-resuscitated “Evil Empire” under former KGB operative, Putin, he may know about that and it would be ill-digested info, knowing as he is!




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