U.S. Elections 2016 (20): As Hillary fails in much-awaited victory, millions, including blogger, eating humble pie! – Tola Adenle

November 9, 2016


With the WASHINGTON POST declaring Donald Trump winner in a flash news on my iPad just minutes ago – 7:34 a.m. [GMT], I’m putting this essay finished two hours ago, up. TOLA.

This has never been a news site; this morning’s post, therefore, is no breaking news because the whole world already knows that Trump, a low-ethics, divisive, racist … know-nothing misogynist has just become the next president of the USA.  This, too, is not a what-would have been IF … because none really can though many would in effort at cathartic pursuit.

For a country that this blogger also calls home through choice, and love, like millions the world over for what the country has represented to the world, I see today as a very humbling and sad day for America.  I look at Donald Trump’s rise to the top in a federal system that has served America very well despite challenges – slavery, welding together of disparate people after the Civil War, et cetera, and see a system designed by America’s Founding Fathers as finally caving in to a problem that inheres in a federal system. Any reservation that people may have about such a large democracy operating federalism could often be dismissed as uninformed because it worked.

The land of my birth – Nigeria – which adopted the same presidential system has had on her hand since the inception a system that has unfortunately continued to be at the root of her instability.  While the strong center and loose federating units seem like a perfect fit for a country with such diverse people for whom America has become a country of great schism, especially in the last few years, a Donald Trump would never rise to the top of the political heap in the Westminster system they hated, naturally, when the Union came together at the beginning.

While the two-party system was always able to overcome the challenges, globalization, which had been devastating to poorer countries and created powerless hordes of impoverished masses, finally neutralized the cushioning effect that the massive wealth of America and the prosperity of Western countries provided as cushion: deficit spending which allowed their citizens, particularly the United States to enjoy.

Credit enabled people with the same level of education in other countries  would not be able to own homes, cars and basic luxuries which people with much higher education in poorer countries and even middle-level countries could only dream of.  Once the cushy living disappeared due to harsh economic development in the West, workers’ loss turned to anger as the lives of .self-entitlement was over.  Not being prepared for what, in fact, is a reality the world over, the masses turned to look for straws to cling to unlike those in poor countries who either try to improvise at home just to stay alive or look for ways to get to the West to partake what they knew would, at least, be better living even if not comfortable.

Now, for Donald Trump who has promised to “make America great again” even though y throughout the long tortuous campaign, he was never able to lay out exactly how he would get this done, the job of –

*building immense wall of hundreds of miles across the USA-Mexican border;

*bringing back jobs lost to China, Mexico … through the greed of people of his class not only in America but in the whole of the West while pursuing cheap labor to make huge profits; Trump manufactures items in China for US sales; *

*discarding European allies while “working with” only those who will pay to play;

*fashioning an America in the image of Putin’s Russia, no thanks to the Republican Party that encouraged and pushed divisiveness – as I’ve written here – from Day One of the Obama Presidency.

*Donald Trump was admired  by millions for a business savvy that made him very wealthy until he started to open his mouth and showed he possesses nothing up-there to enable him run a country unlike the billionaire-status that the run for president exposed as mostly fake, is who the majority of Americans want -and are now getting.

I will not be offering an idea that has not been expressed one way or another by many during this improbable season of resurgence of racism, violence-in-politics and hatred actively encouraged by Trump when I say that good old USA is being taken down a path that the masses hailing him as a savior of the “cultural values” – read White  Americans – of the country will soon realize that he cannot deliver on his promises. And the Republican Party members whose  action and inaction, including the denigration of the presidency by encouraging/giving room to utter disrespect, hatred and villification of Obama, created the deep schism in America today will look back and wonder at their lack of real patriotism that led America down a path they could not undo.  No matter what, I hope America will recover from this seismic shift that can benefit only one person: Donald Trump who sees money-making opportunities in everything for him and his famlly, and creating opportunities for his cronies like the spineless Guillianis of the US political world … and, of course Putin and Russia.

The new Trump Tower, whose building Trump LEASED from the US government against the protest of other bidders in the hospitality business because of the outrageously-high amount they believed could not be profitable, is within listening distance to guests from The U.S. Capitol!

Trump Towers must now be getting tons of booking this morning for inauguration day and beyond even at over $750/night.

Are the Russians, whom US intelligence agencies link not only to the hacking of the Democratic Party computers but also to hacking attempts into the election computers, are already here?

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2016.  7:39 a.m.   [GMT] 


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5 Comments on “U.S. Elections 2016 (20): As Hillary fails in much-awaited victory, millions, including blogger, eating humble pie! – Tola Adenle”

  1. mr.johnsons.snapshots Says:

    sigh, my cup runneth on empty, but, with head held high (or as high as can be managed given the circumstances) I march forward, comforted by the fact that she did win the ‘popular’ vote, so all – perhaps – is not lost (if only I could convince myself of the veracity of those words)!



  2. emotan77 Says:


    Your 4.13 (my time) call of election outcome is correct.

    The worst case scenario has happened. Horribly shocking – frightening consequences on many fronts …




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Ola,

      A horribly, horribly-shocking and unthinkable event that would reverberate around the world for years to come.

      Hopefully, those who will rule for him as Trump will merely reign, would possess some sure-footed-ness.

      Now that America has [sort of] undressed itself and exposed her vulnerability to the whole world, Putin awaits to divest her of little European cousins, feast on them as the ugly bear wants before flinging them into heaps of rubbish.

      Meanwhile, I hope the Republicans have enough sense left after an undoing that is theirs and theirs alone – to start at the legislative arm (both branches of which it controls) massively upgrading the country’s intel system. Trump’s only focus – to start with – would probably be on working on all those hundreds of millions of dollars of debts he owes.

      I cannot see any silver lining in this catastrophe.




      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Fatai,

        Thanks, thanks, and much thanks.

        I like the philosophical way you’ve taken the horrendous news and would want us all to do the same.

        I agree; “God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform”, but people are worried – more like ‘scared’ – at what we believe is the thought of the power of the office of the president of the USA in the hands of a man who seems to respect no man – even the Pope – nor fear God in the way he tells bare-faced lies, cannot entertain dissenting views or voices, is very divisive, hates with a passion, is very racist, lacks depth, is rash …

        The fear of a president who will NOT rule though reign in a grandiose manner is what is the unknown factor: the power-hungry whom he has already started to attract during his campaign could end up being USA’s rulers.

        We must never forget that President George Bush-the-son had more than a little help in going to Iraq to wage war; people like his vp, Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld perhaps were stronger voices and hands in starting an unnecessary war whose effects are still on.

        And President Bush is deeper than Trump, perhaps a thousand times! Think about what a disinterested and incapable of bringing needed depth and willingness to learn person could allow to happen BY DEFAULT.

        I hope and we should all hope and pray that thoughts and beliefs like mine are not true and will never happen.

        Sincere regards,


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